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Specialty Filters

The Disposable Model F-GG filter, and the Model F-40C filter with self mounting bracket, are inexpensive point-of-use filters.  Both filters are available in two different plastics:

Cutaway of the Disposable Model F-GG filter
  • C Models- Ployclear II Rigid Polyurethane Thermo Plastic Unique to Beach
  • Clearview
  • Good strength and operating temperatures up to 180 Fahrenheit.
  • Excellent resistance to synthetic oils, hydrocarbons, solvents, caustics and acids.
  • Superior sunlight resistance
  • (UV)Maximum Pressure - 250 psi

For the ultimate in protection from oil/oil vapors, particulate removal down to 0.3 micron and moisture to 0 degrees Fahrenheit dew point (depending on desiccant selected). Ideal for instrument air and pneumatic controls.

Cylform Desiccant Elements by Beach

Cylform Desiccant Elements
Desiccant Recommendations

Variety of Desiccant Fills

Since no one desiccant can solve all problems, we offer a variety of Beach patented and trademarked elements for our compressed air and gas filters.

General Filtration - The standard desiccant will solve most filtration problems. It is a stabilized crystal that provides excellent filtration of hydrocarbons and moisture. It has the uncanny ability to absorb oil while it adsorbs moisture. At full flow rate it traps all contaminates - oil vapors, water and hydrocarbons.; The filter disc in the top of the element removes particulate as small as 0.3 microns.

Moisture Removal and Minus Dew Point

In multiple element filters such as the F - T60 and all In-Line Models the silica gel element should be placed at the top with a standard Cylform element at the bottom.Incorporated wit a refrigerated dryer, the silica gel element can result in lowering the dew point form 0 C to -40 C.

Odor and Oil Vapor Removal - If odor caused by oil vapor or other contaminants needs to be removed, an activated carbon fill is recommended as a secondary desiccant. This can be accomplished by using filters in tandem or by incorporating two different elements in such filters as the Beach In-lines or the F-T60C.

Special Desiccants - Other special fills are available on request. Also, a combination of elements with different fills can be used for special applications

.All filters are sealed with plastic caps and replacement elements are packaged two to a sealed polyethylene bag to preserve the low moisture level.

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