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Control of dust, smoke, mist and other airborne contaminants is increasingly important to plant and facilities managers.The air inside many manufacturing and fabrication plants is a concern-smoke, dust, mist and fumes are everywhere. Sensitive electronic controls for manufacturing equipment may be at risk. Airborne particulate is attracted to lighting fixtures. Paint overspray from finishing operations settles in undesirable areas. All these decrease productivity, increase maintenance costs, and threaten the health of your workers.

Increase Productivity

Dust/Smoke/Mist control is important to maintain high worker productivity. Keeping the air clean helps improve employee morale reducing absenteeism. Studies show that a healthier work place is a more productive one, especially considering in-plant air. Proper dust/smoke/mist control also helps recover valuable materials and cuts in-plant maintenance costs.

Cartridge Filtration Systems Aercology's cartridge filtration systems can clean up fumes and dust, making your operations more productive. HEPA-like filter cartridges provide 99.9% filtration efficiency. Specially treated cartridges improve particulate release and enhance filter life, and a unique blow-down process keep filters clean, extending the life of filter cartridges.

Aerocology's modular line of bag cartridge type media filters are available from 500 to 36,000 CFM and offers a range of standard filter elements all designed to meet specific source capture requirements for mist, smoke, dust and odor. By combining a variety of specific filter modules in one unit, these systems can provide solutions to many air contaminant problems. A typical system incorporates a series of disposable or cleanable pre-filters, a disposable vee-bag or cartridge filter. HEPA or carbon final filter modules can also be added. Various models are available, including free-hanging or ducted installations, vertical or horizontal mounting, and fixed or portable configurations.

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