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What is Ultraviolet Light?

Ultraviolet or UV energy is the band of light just beyond the short wavelength end of the visible light spectrum. It is the range of light associated with the natural germicidal action of sunlight. UV works by affecting the DNA of microorganisms,eliminating their ability to reproduce or survive. All microorganisms can be disenfected by UV light without the concern of any organism's self-defense mechanisms. Ultraviolet energy is also very effective when used to break down many chemical species, eliminating them as contaminants in water. Ultraviolet light is the natural environmentally friendly alternative to chemical disinfection. Many common chemicals such as chlorine are hazardous to handle, remain in the environment for long periods, can form dangerous reaction by-products, and alter the products and processes in which they are used. Using UV elininates all fo these hazards by taking advantage of natural, safe light.

Light Years Ahead

The Photon system from Aquionics UV:

A revolutionary microprocessor-driven control module offering:

  • Full traceability
  • Data Logging
  • A menu-driven man-machine interface
  • Displays of performance parameters
Microprocessor-driven control module Aquionics can deliver:
  • The most economical systems for medium and large flow rates with the smallest footprint and easiest maintenance.
  • Broad spectrum UV output providing complete disinfection and effective chemical destructiion.
  • The only technology for extremes such as cold or hot water, poor water quality, or challenging control applications.
  • The most advanced monitoring and controls for ac curate fluence measuremet, power control and procell integrity.
  • The most advanced application knowledge to solve any of your specialized needs.

Aquionics PHOTON - cabinet

  • Traceable
  • Data logging - storage for up to 12 months
  • Logging of system performance and alarms with date/time stamp
  • Data download via RS232 to PC
  • Optional palm top computer available
  • Meaningful Monitoring
  • Absolute germicidal UV specific monitor
  • Calibrated, cetified and sealed device
  • Display of UV instensity - % and mWcm2
  • Process Flexibility
  • Power level contral - automatically optimizes energy efficiency
  • Display of water temperature
  • Display of flow (from4-20mA input)
  • On-line spares listing

Aquionics Photon cabinet

System Status

  • Real-time display of performance parameters
  • Multi-level information access
  • Absolute values shown in engineering units
  • Telemetry outputs and latching alarm displays
  • Hours run stored in permanent memory

    Language Options

    Multi-language display read-out, choose from English, French, Spanish, or German

For more information about the Photon, contact us .

Features Include:

  • Microprosser control module provides on-board data logging
  • Local/Remote Operation
  • Membrane key pad for system controls
  • Digital display screen
  • Membrane key pad for system configuration

Markets and Applications

Aqua Culture

Aqua Culture
Aquaculture is increasingly concerned with pathogen control. Hatchery and grow-out tanks can protect and reuse water that incorporates UV disinfection for pathogen control. High-Intensity lamps can provide a high germicidal dose with a minimum of lamps in a very compact space. Headloss is extremely minimal at full flow. The systems can be fully automated; self-cleaning and self-monitoring reduces the need for maintenance. Typically, used following filtration, our systems are especially effective in fluids with low UV transmission. A system four feet long can treat 10,000 gpm with little headloss.

Beverage Industry

Beverage Industry
Hot filled beverages, cold filled beer and other sensitive drinks are susceptible to contaminants introduced by the liners of closures. Mold is of particular concern since packaging headspace frequently contains low levels of oxygen. Medium pressure UV inactivates mold spores to prevent this problem. AQUIONICS also offers UV systems for the disinfection of sugar syrup. Sugar syrup is easily contaminated during production and storage which can cause food discoloration, off flavors and reduced shelf life. UV disinfection systems solve these issues by eliminating problem microorganisms without adding chemicals or heat.

Electronics Pharmaceutical

Ultraviolet technology is often used in the ultrapure water system for disinfection and organics removal. Bacterial control is critical after areas of microbial proliferation such as carbon filters, DI resins and storage tanks. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Reduction is achieved with special UV lamps that break down low level organics by dissociation of molecular bonds. AQUIONICS medium pressure UV systems reduce the number of conventional lamps by up to 95% while reducing operating and maintenance costs by 50% or more in high treatment schemes. Electronics

Increasingly stringent water standards for manufacturing processes encourage non-chemical water treatment. Aside from disinfection, UV is used to remove residual ozone to protect downstream equipment. Deozonation is accomplished by cleaving triatomic oxygen molecules with UV light (which converts ozone to oxygen). Dechlorination is achieved with special medium pressure lamps to protect chlorine sensitive RO membranes. UV can replace chemical dechlorination or activated carbon filter removal steps upstream of the RO equipment.

Drinking Water

Drinking Water
AQUIONICS along with sister companies, Hanovia Ltd (UK) and Berson UV (Holland) is one of the largest suppliers in the world of UV disinfection equipment for drinking water. With over 70 years combined experience and more than 500 installations worldwide. AQUIONICS is the leader in bringing UV treatment of municipal drinking water to the United States. The first major installation was installed in Ft Benton, MT in 1987. This 2.2 MGD UV system has been efficiently operating in compliance for over 13 years, giving it the title of The oldest and largest UV drinking system in the US.

The City of Henderson, NV has purchased a 18 MGD system that will be installed in 2001 This will be the first surface water plant in the United States designed for Cryptosporidium inactivation with approval from the State and federal EPA. Over 99% of the Cryptosporidum oocyst will be inactivated with the AQUIONICS high intensity UV chambers.

Food Processing
Food Processing
Ultraviolet light can help improve shelf life of products and allow processors to reduce chemical additives in wash water without sacrificing high levels of disinfection. UV provides non-chemical microbial control for captive water loops without altering the taste, color or odor of the food. Environmentally friendly UV disinfection is one of the few water treatment methods unburdened by regulatory restrictions, consumer/environmental group concerns or high operation costs. Packaging surface UV systems also increase product quality and shelf life by reducing contamination. Applications include plastic containers, cups, caps, films, foils and extended shelf life filling machines.

Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools High output UV technology provides multiple benefits for commercial pools. High-output UV will naturally, and continuously remove combined chlorine, or chloramines. It will also provide superior disinfection, destroying over 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including Cryptosporidium, before the water is returned to the pool. Chloramine control removes the irritant and odor associated with chlorine in pool water. Removing chloramines will protect the bathers eyes, nose, and lungs as well as protecting the building from an overly corrosive element in the air.

Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Disinfection of municipal wastewater through the use of UV light is rapidly becoming common place in modern treatment facilities. Faced with revised permits that regulate chlorine discharge, municipalities are opting for UV disinfection to avoid costly dechlorination systems and to eliminate the use of hazardous chlorine altogether.

UV disinfection is safe, cost effective and applicable to tertiary treated effluent as well as secondary, primary, and combined sewer overflows (CSO) and stormwater. AQUIONICS provides a complete range of systems for treating flows ranging from 10GPM to 100MGD.

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