Hygroscopic Breathers and Disposable Hygroscopic Breathers

Hygroscopic Breathers

Beach Hygroscopic Breathers Beach hygroscopic breathers are unique, patented air filter and water vapor removal systems. They replace the standard breather or ventilation system on virtually all types of industrial equipment, tanks and reservoirs.

Industry spends millions of dollars annually treating the negative effects of contamination caused by wet, dirty air. Contaminated lubrication oil and hydraulic fluid results in excess machine wear, production downtime, and repair costs. Like wise, contaminated products in storage and process tanks result in spoilage and waste. Beach hygroscopic breathers attack the cause, thereby preventing expensive problems caused by contamination.

How the Beach Steel Breather Works

As wet dirty air is drawn through the unit, a micro glass pleated filter removes particles down to1-micron and the hygroscopic agent extracts moisture.

When the air is expelled from the container, the pleated filter cleans itself by releasing dirt back into the atmosphere. The hygroscopic agent is partially reactivated by the dry air passing back through, thereby permitting longer periods between recharging or replacing.

Benefits of Beach Breathers

  • Elimination of water contamination in oil and related fluids.
  • Increased oil and oil filter life.
  • Reduced abrasive wear, downtime, and repair costs.
  • Elimination of rust and corrosion inside container.
  • Improved lubricant performance
  • Eliminate chemical reactions or spoilage.
  • More reliable equipment performance.
Internal diagram of how Beach Breathers Work
Features Benefits

Foam Pad Disperses air evenly over filter media & silica gel

Patented Polyester Filter Bag Extracts moisture

Micro glass Pleated Filter Removes particles to 1-micron absolute

Silica Gel / Desiccant Removes water from incoming air, extending fluid & system life

Various Sizes Adaptation to virtually any system

Carbon Steel or Stainless Housing Handles high temperatures & extreme environments, prevents corrosion

More on Steel Breathers

The steel breathers were designed specifically for applications where there are very high temperatures, extremely dirty air, or corrosive environment. They are ruggedly designed, with housing of epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless steel.

The hygroscopic agent (desiccant) is enclosed in a bag of polyester filter material. This desiccant bag filter is easily installed when it is time to replace or recharge the unit. The amount of water each model is able to absorb before recharge or replace is indicated in the chart below.

The 1-micron pleated filter has a very large surface area, resulting in long service life. Like the bag filter, it is easily replaced without removing the breather from service. The steel breathers accommodate large air flow rates with minimal pressure drops.

Beach Diagram

Shipping Weight (apx.)
12 lbs.
17 lbs.
33 lbs.

Amount of Silica Gel (apx.)
1.8 lbs.
4.2 lbs.
17.0 lbs

AdsorptionCapacity (apx.)
.9 pints / .4 liters
2.4 pints / 1.1 liters
6.4 pints / 3.1 liters

Body Height (B)
10 in.
12 in.
18 in.

Diameter (E)
7.2 in.
9.1 in.
12.6 in

Operating Temp. Range
Operating temperatures to 250 f / 121 c

Body Materials Used
Epoxy coated carbon steel or stainless

Disposable Hygroscopic Breathers

Remove moisture & particulate before it enters the fluid containing reservoir

Beach Disposable Hygroscopic Breathers

Beach hygroscopic breather elements are state-of-the-art in design and function, and are the industries best choice for assuring maximum machine performance.

Beach offers these cost saving benefits:

  • Elimination of water-contaminated oil which prevents additive stripping
  • Elimination of rust-forming condensation
  • Elimination of sludge deposits
  • Less abrasive particles to prolong machine operating life
  • Longer oil and oil filter life

Resilient Construction, Multiple Application

Every Beach hygroscopic breather is manufactured in a durable, shock-absorbing clear plastic casing with resilient qualities to withstand the customary abuse associated with heavy manufacturing equipment. The units are disposable. Manufactured with environmentally safe components, they can safely be disposed of as solid waste.

Beach disposable hygroscopic breathers are manufactured in five sizes: BB-B, BB-1, BB-2, BB-3, andBB-4 to accommodate different mounting space requirements. The BB-B and BB-1 are designed for small applications and rated for air flow of 3.5 cfm (equivalent of 26 gpm fluid level change in the tank). All other models are rated for 20 cfm of air in and out of the tank or reservoir (150 gpm).The patented air flow design produces a partial regeneration of the

hygroscopic agent, and a backflushing (cleaning) of the particulate filter when the air leaves the reservoir. Other Beach hygroscopic breather product lines include tank breathers for large storage and process tanks, and steel breathers for rugged and corrosive industrial environments.

Unique Filtration Process

Moisture and particulate accumulation are major factors of oil contamination in industrial equipment. Neglected, these detriments restrict equipment efficiency, causing machine downtime and significant expense in replacement oil, parts and repair labor. Beach breathers incorporate a proven, field-tested design. They prevent water and contaminants from entering fluid reservoirs as differential pressures occur through thermal expansion and contraction of the fluid, or during the filling or emptying process. Manufactured with a hygroscopic agent, Beach breathers have the capability to extract water vapor from the air as it is drawn through the unit. Accompanying solid particulate is then removed by a patented polyester fabric filter, allowing only clean, dry air to enter the system.

Internal Diagram of Beach Breather
# 4 # 5
A second polyester filter stops any silica gel dust, created by vibration, from entering the standpipe and system. A-1" foam filter stops oil mist during exhalation and ensures that outgoing air is evenly disbursed through the filters and desiccant, providing maximum efficiency in "backflushing."
# 2 # 3 & # 6
Filtration begins with the first patented polyester filter element that provides 3-micron absolute filtration (73.5% efficient at .5-micron). Unique loops allow particles to release during system exhalation, increasing breather life. Blue indicating silica gel adsorbs water from incoming air and its unique properties produce a color change to pink when it's time to change the breather. During system exhalation, dry system air is passed back through the silica gel bed providing a partial regeneration of the desiccant.
# 1 # 7
Individual air vents are opened based on the flow requirements of the system (the installation instructions, provided with each breather, indicate how to determine this). Air is drawn through these openings when the system inhales, and is discharged through the same holes when the system exhales. 1" polyester / polyurethane foam removes oil mist and disperses the incoming air evenly over the filter and drying areas.
# 8
The Beach BB-10 is one of several ways to mount a Beach breather. You may choose a BB-12, BB-15 or remote mount (shown on back of brochure).

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