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Beach Hygroscopic Tank Breathers Overview

Industry spend millions of dollars annually treating the negative effects of contamination caused by wet, dirty air. Draw-down and temperature changes in storage and process tanks permit moisture-laden, heavily contaminated outside air to enter the tank, thereby polluting the contents. Beach hygroscopic breathers attack the cause, proactively preventing expensive problems such as product waste and time consuming reconditioning.

Beach breathers are unique, patented air filter and water vapor removal systems designed speifically for storage vessels. They extract incoming moisture and filter out particles before the contents of the tank are contaminated.

Features of the Beach Tank Breather

  • Combines moisture retention and particulate filtration in one process
  • Manufactured from rugged all-weather PVC.
  • Available in different sizes for amny specific applications.
  • Simple installation and easy to recharge when expended. Reuild kits available.
  • Outside indicator changes color to light pink when the unit needs to be recharged.
  • Designed to backflush as the dry air leaves the tank. A partial regeneration of the desiccant permits a longer period between recharging.

Benefits of the Beach Tank Breather Industry Applications

  • Eliminate contamination of products by drying and cleaning the air before it enters the tank.
  • Prevents corrosion inside the tank by removing moisture before it enters.
  • Minimizes amount of particulates entering the tank by a dual stage filtration, provided by patented polyester filters.
  • Eliminates chemical reactions in the tank by keeping out natural change agents.
  • Reduces maintenance, spoilage and reconditioning costs.
A sampling of items being stored by manufacturers utilizing the Beach tank breather solution:

  • Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Edible oils
  • Oils
  • Grains
  • Food products
  • Lubricants
  • Powders
  • Fuels
  • Pharmaceutical fluids

Grafic of How Beach Tank Breathers Work How the Beach Tank Breather Works

As the moist, dirty air is drawn throught the unit, the moisture is extracted by the drying agent and the filter removes particulates. Silica gel, the most effective drying agent, is used exclusively in the Beach breather and a patented, knitted polyester filter removes particles from the air down to 3-microns.

More on Tank Breathers

Beach tank breathers are manufactured to withstand typical industrial and tank farm environments. Designed fo installation on virtually any storage and / or process tank, they are available in eight sizes. What's more, the tank breatheres handle large volumes of air flowing in and out of the storage vessel.


Shipping Weight (apx.)
19 lbs
28 lbs
51 lbs
77 lbs
145 lbs
160 lbs
230 lbs
295 lbs

Amount of Silica Gel (apx.)
6 lbs
9 lbs
27 lbs
40 lbs
90 lbs
97 lbs
195 lbs
208 lbs

Adsorption Capacity (apx.)
1.8 pints /
0.85 liters
3.8 pints /
1.80 liters
8.8 pints /
4.16 liters
15.2 pints /
7.19 liters
32 pints /
15.14 liters
37.6 pints /
17.78 liters
62.4 pints /
29.52 liters
69.6 pints /
32.92 liters

Diameter (A)
6 in.
6 in.
10 in.
10 in.
14 in.
14 in.
18 in.
18 in.

Body Height (B)
12 in.
18 in.
18 in.
30 in.
30 in.
36 in.
36 in.
44 in.

Maximum Air Flow
100 cfm
100 cfm
100 cfm
250 cfm
250 cfm
500 cfm
500 cfm
900 cfm

Operating Temp. Range
Operating Temperatures to 250 f / 121 c

Body Materials Used

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