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Endustra's exclusive Venturi Outlet Design is the truly innovative design improvement in air intake housings for nearly half a century. It's a simple design change, but is most effective in lowering initial air restriction across the element and housing of intake filters and filter silencers. Instead of having the intake air turn a sharp ninety degrees in order to flow through the outlet pipe, Endustra has created a venturi shaped outlet to smooth that transition of directional flow. In so doing, we have managed to lower the initial restriction by 20-30% in all the pipe sizes. This means lower energy requirements of your equipment to produce the same amount of work. It means longer element life between changes. It means saving money.

These units have been in the field being tested by customers since 1993, and we have received nothing but praise from all of those who have used the new design. We know that it will work for you. The truly good news is that Endustra remains most competitively priced so that you reap the advantages at no additional cost.

The Venturi Outlet Design series is available with elements in pleated paper, pleated polyester, pleated wire mesh, or a host of other media such as synthetic fibers, glass, nomex teflon and many, many more. Micron ratings from the true ULPA at 0.12 DOP to 400 microns or more nominal retention are available.

Venturi Outlet Design

Filter Elements
Long element life and easy field servicing are a top priority. These filters are built to stand up to industrial conditions. Endustra filters easily outlast other filters many times over.

Standard Features: Options:

  • Low Pressure Drop
  • High Efficiency
  • High Quality
  • All Steel Construction
  • Positive Sealing
  • Durable Powder Paint Finish
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Aluminum Construction
  • HEPA Filtratiion
  • FDA Standards
  • USDA Standards
  • Over 75 Media Types Available (ie. polypropylene, glass, synthetic fibers, nomex, teflon, nylon, etc.)


Venturi Outlet Design Provides: 20-30% lower restriction, Less energy consumption and cost savings in element replacements.



Venturi Outlet Design Provides: 20-30% lower restriction, less energy consumption, cost savings in element replacements.


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