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PECO provides a full range of elements including Phase Separator Elements, Water Absorpsion Elements,Liquid Aerosol Coalescing Elements, Canister and Cartridge Elements.
Phase Separator Elements


Phase Separator Elements separate and remove aqueous and non-aqueous droplets from liquid. Many models are available in various types of multiple layered construction including, lengths, micron ratings and endcaps. The PECO Liquid/Liquid Phase Separators are designed to replace many competitive elements including double open end and threaded base and bolt end caps.

Sizes: 6" O.D. Lengths 14" to 56"
Media: Fiberglass
End Caps: DOE or thread base & bolt
Nominal rating @ 98%

Water Absorpsion Elements


The PPWA water absorption element is multi-layer filter designed to remove solids and absorb free water from gas or liquid stream. The element is available in 5 and 20 micron and in several standard lengths.

Size: 3" & 6" O.D. Lengths 18" to 36"
Media: Laminated/ cellulose
End Caps: DOE
Nominal Rating @ 98%


The PECO FF, FFP, and PCHGC style elements are designed to coalesce and remove aerosols from air or gas streams. Absolute rated at 0.3 mocrons, these coalescers are available in various lengths and gaskets for chemical compatibilities. The FFP contains an internal prefilter to extend the service life of the coalescer. The PCHGC is manufactured froom Peco PEACH technology and is for high flow applications.

Sizes: 3", 4.5" & 6" O.D. Lenghts 12" to 40"
Media: Borosilicate glass and Polyester
End Caps: DOE, 226/closed
Absolute rating @ 99.99% Solids
@ 99.5% Liquids


Peco activated carbon absorption elements are an effective and economical method of removing dissolved impurities from many process streams. Through testing of many competitive carbons, the Peco lignite coal based carbon has better absorption capabilities than similar type carbons. Activated carbon filters are available in canister and bulk pak form.

Sizes: 6", 7", & 11" O.D. Lengths 18" to 22"
Media: Lignite activated carbon


The Peco activated carbon cartridges are designed to remove impunities from various process applications. Elements are available from various process applications. Elements are available in several lengths and various construction options to meet the application needs. Choices include an activated carbon block for highest level of efficiency to cartridges which contain carbon granules or carbon sheets.

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