Scientific Dust Collection Unit

Welding, Robotic MIG, Fine Smoke & Fumes

Scientific Dust Collectors

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Pharmaceutical Powders Dust Collector
Application Notes:

Visteon Corporation is a tier one automotive supplier. Visteon was formed after a spin-off from Ford Motor Company in 2000. Visteon manufacturers a large assortment of car parts. Their customer base includes the 19 largest vehicle manufacturers in the world. This system is capturing and cleaning the welding fumes from three large robotic welding systems. The air filtered through 16 cartridges and returned to the plant after passing through an outer silencer. The employees operating the equipment do not need to wear masks. The air in this area of the shop is as clean as the air in their office.


Welding, Robotic MIG
Fine Smoke & Fumes

Collector Model:

SL4-16 HR

Air Volume:

8,500 CFM

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