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Laser Cutter Dust Collector Application Notes:

High volume contact fabrication shop collects dust and fume from an automatic CNC laser cutter that was supplied with an integral smoke / dust capture manifold. Fabricating operation runs uninterrupted around the clock so down time must be minimized. Scientific Dust Collectors was selected because of its ease of installation and high degree of operational reliability. One-piece construction, legs included, and an integral top-mounted blower allowed the collector to be installed and running in less than three hours. Efficiency of the collector is enhanced by introducing a dry inert pre-coat powder into the collector at start-up.


Laser Cutter Dust

Collector Model:

SPJ-24- X4B8
Fabric Collector w / Bottom Bag Removal

Air Volume:

2,000 ACFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio:

8.8 to 1

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