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Lumber Supply Outlet Dust Collector Application Notes:

When a lumber supply outlet outgrew their exposed bag dust collector they called on Scientific Dust Collectors to supply a reverse pulse jet collector with continuous, on-line cleaning. Not only did they increase their productivity by not having to repeatedly shut down their collection system to clean the filters, but they also reduced their dust emissions that had become a problem with their neighbors. Explosion venting and a sprinkler system are included to minimize the risk of fire.

The complete system consists of a Scientific Dust Collector, direct-drive supply fan, rotary air lock, summer / winter changeover valve and a quick-clamp dust system. All for about the same price as a "stop & shake" system. This system was installed by a local contractor coordinated by a Scientific Dust Collectors representative though the lumber supply outlet could have installed it themselves if they had wanted to.


Lumber Supply Outlet

Collector Model:

SPJ-30- X4B8

Air Volume:

5,000 ACFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio:

17.6 to 1

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