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Scientific Dust Collector Image Application Notes:

Scientific Dust Collectors Insert collector is fitted to a custom-made cyclonic round housing for a manufacturer of kitchen cabinet doors and moldings. Company employs approximately 50 people.

Wood dust vented from a variety of woodworking machines enters the cyclonic housing where most of the larger particles drop out. A small secondary cyclone collector, by others, takes the wood dust discharged form the primary collector hopper and separates out the fine dust that otherwise would cause a nuisance at the disposal wagon loading station. Air, laden with the fine dust, that is discharged from the secondary cyclone is recirculated back through the primary collector thereby reducing the emissions during wagon loading.

Scientific Dust Collectors can supply custom collectors, like the insert used in this application, to fit a variety of special applications or to retro-fit existing collectors.


General Woodworking

Collector Model:

Fabric Collector Insert
w / Top Bag Removal
& Walk-In Plenum

Air Volume:

65,000 ACFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio:

19.9 to 1

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