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Cement Barge Unloading

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Scientific Dust Collector Image Application Notes:

LaFarge Corporation uses a SPJ to control lost product and air pollution during their unloading process. The unit is mounted on a stationary barge with the unloading pneumatic conveyor. During the unloading process a covered barge is brought alongside and hooked up to the collector. As the product is pneumatically conveyed off the barge, the collector keeps the barge under negative pressure. This keeps the product from escaping to the atmosphere and allows the collected product to pass through a rotary airlock attached to the hopper discharge, where it is added back to the pneumatic conveying system. Because the barge is covered, offloading can occur in any type of weather, faster and safer than conventional barges. LaFarge now recovers more product and keeps the surrounding area clean.


Cement Barge Unloading

Collector Model:


Air Volume:

4,000 CFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio:

8.8 to 1

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