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Wood Pattern Shop Dust Collector
Application Notes:

A growing wood pattern shop required a new dust collector when their operations expanded doubling their dust collection system air volume requirements. Prior to using a Scientific Dust Collector, the pattern shop collected their dust using a cyclone which did not provide acceptable efficiency to meet local air quality permitting requirements.

A total of 15 woodworking machines, including CNC routing equipment, are used to make wooden patterns out of Ren-Board. Facility generally runs two shifts per day throughout the year. The Scientific Dust Collector includes a rotary air lock and auger to move sawdust from the collecotr to a nearby dumpster. A sprinkler head and explosion venting protect the Scientific Dust Collector from risks of fire. Filtered air is recirculated back into the pattern shop.


Wood Pattern Shop

Collector Model:

Fabric Collector w / Top Bag

Air Volume:

10,000 ACFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio:

18.9 to 1

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