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Cast Iron Foundry Grinding Dust

Scientific Dust Collectors

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Scientific Dust Collector Image Application Notes:

A foundry which specializes in casting for the automotive industry originally employed two mechanical shaker type dust collectors. The collectors were used for pulling grinding dust and iron fines from their cleaning stations. The customer found that the shaker collectors would often plug. In addition to extra maintenance, the plugging resulted in increased grinding fines at the operators stations, which in turn caused an increased number of eye injuries to the operators.

The company decided to replace one of the shaker units with a Scientific Dust Collector SPJ unit. The customer is so pleased with the operation of the Scientific Dust Collector and the virtual elimination of the eye injuries that they are planning to replace the second shaker unit with another SPJ collector from Scientific Dust Collectors.


Cast Iron Foundry Grinding Dust

Collector Model:


Air Volume:

12,000 ACFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio:

17.6 to 1

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