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Oily Welding Smoke

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Oily Welding Smoke Dust Collector Application Notes:

Company MIG welds stamped automotive parts that are oily from stamping. Smoke laden air from ten welding robots enclosed in welding booths is collected in a centralized system. Cleaned air discharged from the Scientific Dust Collector is recirculated back into the facility.

Application uses a pre-coat feed system to coat fabric bags for increased efficiency. Collector is not pulse cleaned during hours that welding smoke is being collected. Every four to eight hours the dirty air blower is idled and the collector is pulsed cleaned. After pulse cleaning, fabric bags are again pre-coated and the system is put back into operation. Automatic controls perform all cleaning cycle timing. Approximately 16 lbs. of pre-coat materials is used per month.


Oily Welding Smoke

Collector Model:

Fabric Collector w / Top Bag Removal & Walk-in Plenum

Air Volume:

8,800 ACFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio:

13.8 to 1

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