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Bindery Paper Trim

Scientific Dust Collectors

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Application Notes:

Paper strips and fine paper dust , transported from several paper trimmers, enters the inlet (1) of a cyclonic housing (2). Collected paper trim, separated by the cyclone action (3), falls down into a hopper (4) and then into a baler (5) for easy scrap disposal. Dust laden air is finely filtered through multiple filter bags (6) which are part of the top-mounted dust collector insert (7). The smallest of dust particles are removed and the filtered air is recirculated back into the bindery. The compact size and high efficiency of the Scientific Dust Collectors' insert collector combined with the cyclone separators' ability to handle large volumes of paper scrap, allow the unit to be installed in no more than what was used for the "box collector" system is replaced. Energy savings along with trouble-free operation using less compressed air are the result of this retrofit installation.

Scientific Dust Collector Image

Bindery Paper Trim

Collector Model:

Fabric Insert Collector
w / Cyclonic Housing

Air Volume:

10,200 CFM

Air-to-Cloth Ratio:

14.0 : 1

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