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AirDri Filter System for Compressed Air Moisture Removal "AD" Series

Protect Air Tools and Equipment Throughout your Compressed Air System from Water and Dirt

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The most common cause of deterioration, rust and corrosion in air tools and equipment is water in the compressed air line. As air is compressed, relative humidity increases; when relative humidity rises above 70%, water vapor condenses into water droplets. When the vapor turns into droplets this is when it becomes a problem. Standard water traps, dryers and separators reduce water droplets but water vapor passes through to collect down-line and condense into water.

Solberg's AirDri Mositure Removal Filters traps water, reduces relative humidity and protects against dirt from entering your air tools and equipment.

  • Extend the life and performance of your air tools
  • Protect air tools from water, rust and corrosion
  • Cost efficient
  • Reduces humidity levels
  • Media traps the water as opposed to other types which tends to release the water when saturated.

Features & Specifications

  • Innovative molecular bonding media
  • Replaceable Element
  • Reduces relative humidity levels to less than 30%
  • Media absorbs more than 50 times its weight in water
  • 0.5 micron nominal particulate filtration
  • Operating pressure Standard: 175 psi
  • Available up to 250 psi
  • Air flows available: 15 to 250 psi
  • Air Dri filter kit comes with bottle of ultra-thin lubricant that penetrates corrosion in air tools
  • A water trap before the AirDri Filter is recommended. The water trap will capture the larger amounts of water before it reaches the filter. This will enhance the performance and extend the life of the filter.

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