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Chip Wringer - Superior Design Features Benefit Your Operation

Stainless steel screen adjustable in length to meet all process requirements. Completely self-cleaning at shutdown with most materials

Even chip distribution achieved with re placable one piece fixed vane, manganese steel bowl liner resulting in even screen wear without adjustments.

Hinged door with two-bolt release facilitates easy access; all rotating parts can easily be inspected in five minutes.

The motor is externally mounted

No Sludge accumulating due to open bottom discharge and circular design.

The motor is externally mounted to the main base in a clean environment, with the standard V-belt drive components completely accessible from the outside of the unit.

All wear parts are manufactured from MANGANESE or STAINLESS STEEL, with up to one (1") inch thick manganese discharge liners available and made for quick and easy replacement.

Standard pillow block mounted bearings with static sump lubrication requiring no mechanical components. Bearings mounted external to the process housing for total elimination of contamination.
Inspection and changeover to alternate process material is accomplished in a minimum of time without cross contamination of chips.

Routine Maintenance and Repair Can Be Accomplished in Minutes

0:00 Machine ready
for tear down.
0:02 Hinged front door unbolted and swung open.
0:10 Feed chute
removed as a
complete unit.
0:15 Bowl liner
removed as a
complete unit.
0:18 Shaft extension installed to
facilitate bowl
0:26 Bowl and screen removed.
Tear down complete.

Reduce Your Costs Through Coolant Recovery and Sale of Drier Metal Chips

High speed photography demonstrates exclusive design superiority

  • The patented bowl liner design creates an extremely even bed of chips on the screen. This feature promotes uniform moisture removal throughout the entire bed of chips. Design also creates substantially reduced vibration and downtime normally due to unbalanced chip loads.
  • Design permits equal screen wear throughout its circumference by utilizing fixed liner acceleration vanes that never need adjustment.

Chips Introduced and Unit Running

Chip Bed Build-up. Vanes are clean, unit running.

  • When the wringer is coasting to stop position, "G-Force" decreases until the chip weight overcomes the centrifugal force. When this point is reached, the dry chips automatically discharge into the conveyor system.
  • No chips remain in the unit after shutdown. Machine is clean for next startup.*

* Chips with high bulk density may require "jogging" the machine rotation after initial shutdown to completely clean the screen.

Chip Discharge Even, Unit Coasting to Stop Position
Entire Bowl Liner and Screen Clean, Unit Stopped.

The result is considerably less wear and tear which can be caused by severe vibration due to unbalanced loads at start-up with vertically designed units. Depending on feed characteristics, CMI Chip Wringers have produced chips containing less than .5% moisture, by weight. Reclaiming of certain "specialty" coolants will further decrease operation costs. Payback of machine cost, depending on coolant cost and wet chip disposal penalties, can be realized in six to eighteen months.

Chip Wringer Specifications and Approximate Capacities

Drive 15 hp
Approximate Capacities:
Steel 100 cu. ft. hr.
Brass 100 cu. ft. / hr.
Aluminum: 90 cu. ft. / hr.
Cast Iron 80 cu. ft. / hr.
(See note at bottom of page detailing capacity conditions)

Drive 5 hp
Approximate Capacities:
Steel 25 cu. ft. hr.
Brass 25 cu. ft. / hr.
Aluminum: 20 cu. ft. / hr.
Cast Iron 15 cu. ft. / hr.
(See note at bottom of page detailing capacity conditions)

Note: Capacities listed are for difficult to process materials and could be adjusted higher depending on the chip size, shape, bulk density, and required moisture content after processing. Also, these figures do not, in any way, represent minimum required rates for efficient processing.

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