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Endless Media Filters EMCO's Endless Media Filters *(EMF) are moldeled after our disposable media filters, with one big improvement: an endless woven media belt replaces the disposable media. The EMF filters are equipped with a "backwash" system that cleans the belt as it travels around the axles to ready it for reuse in the filter pool. The "backwash" system scrapes the sludge from the belt and it drops into a tote box for easy disposal. The belt is then sprayed to remove any remaining particulate.

The EMF filters are available in sizes up to 200 gallons per minute for water-based fluids. All systems come with a standard electrical system, fluid reservoir tank, and steel support frame.

These filters are used in the following industries:
industrial laundry wastewater, textile wastewater, wire drawing compounds and oils.

Endless Media Filter diagram Potential applications for the Endless Media Filter include:

  • Wet dust collectors
  • Cooling tower fluids
  • Spray booth effluents
  • Quenching oils
  • Phosphating solutions
  • Parts washing chemicals
  • Scrubbers
  • EDM Fluids
  • Cutting fluids and coolants
  • Rolling oils
  • Hydrated sludge
Endless media diagram

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