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Now affordable, automatic, continuous recycling of your coolant right at the machine tool sump offers the following benefits:
  • Tramp Oil, metal fines and bacteria are not permitted to build up to cause gummy, sticky deposits on machines and parts.
  • Disposal costs are dramatically cut; often by 90 to 95%. In many cases coolant life can be extended indefinitely to support zero waste disposal goals.
  • Coolant concentrate purchases are decreased; typically by more than 50%.
  • Tramp Champ Units are easy to operate and maintain because the pump contains the only moving parts.
  • Tramp Champ is self-cleaning by an air sparging system that cleans the wavy plates and floats fine solids to the liquid surface where they are washed out with the exiting tramp oil.
  • A bag filter is employed in the inlet chamber to remove solid particulate.
  • Transportation of coolants processing at a remote recycling station is eliminated.
  • Tramp Champ effectively increases your sump capacity providing better heat dissipation.
  • Clean coolants result in a healthier, more pleasant shop environment increasing worker morale and productivity. The life of expensive tooling is increased. Better finishes and lower parts rejection are a result.

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