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Dedicate a Tramp Champ Separator to every machine tool sump and eliminate indirect labor costs associated with coolant recycling. Or Share a portable Tramp Champ Separator among several machine tools within a "cell". Switch the Tramp Champ from one machine to the next to program by adding Tramp Champ Separators to extend coolant change-outs in specific machine tools having heavy tramp oil accumulation.

Tramp Champ separators employ a unique oleophilic (oil attracting) wavy plate media assembly that draws tiny oil particles out of the water phase of the coolant collects them on the plates. As droplets attract to the plates they coalesce or run together with other droplets to form larger deposits having sufficient buoyancy to break free and rise to the separator surface.

Tramp Champ Diagram

An oil retaining weir at the surface holds the oil back as the clean water passes under the weir. The surface oil drains out through an adjustable skimmer that is set to continuously "peel" away and remove the topmost portion of the oil layer. The oleophilic, coalescing media accelerates the separation of the oil water phases of the emulsion solution, permitting the separation to take place in a smaller tank. A bag filter is used in the inlet chamber to facilitate removal of solids.

Operation is simplicity itself. When the floating skimmer is placed in fluid contaminated with oil and the pump is started, the fluid is delivered to the separator. Here the tramp oil is separated while the continuously "sweep" tank contaminates toward the floating pick-up skimmer.

Removing tramp oils from coolants and washwaters offers impressive economies. It greatly reduces the cost of replacing these valuable fluids due to spoilage and minimizes the costof disposing of contaminated liquids. Separators of this type are extremely efficient and can remove oily contaminates down to 15 ppm. This produces no visible sheen on the fluid surface.

All units come complete with floating pick-up skimmer, skimmer installation kit, waste oil collection tank, dirty fluid suction hose and clean fluid return hose. Available options include:

  • Choice of air operated or electric pump.
  • Portability package with casters and push handle.
  • Automatic sparging timer.
  • Tramp oil full / pump shut-off.
  • Pressurized bag filter canister.
  • Integral spill containment pan.
Tramp Champ separators are manufactured in three convenient sizes to meet your requirements. Larger custom built units are also available.
Flow Rate
Tank Capacity
3 G.P.M.
16 Gal
6 G.P.M.
24 Gal.
12 G.P.M.
47 Gal.

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