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Universal Gray Rolls and Pads

Universal Gray Rolls and Pads

Made of universal polypropylene to soak up almost any fluid including oil, coolant, solvents and water. Available in both single and double weight pads. Double weight rolls are perforated lengthwise and cross-perfed every 18" so you can tear off only what you need.

Gray Pads

1175 AMI-700 17" x 19" Double Weight Perfed 100/bale
11777 AMI-750 34" x 38" Double Weight Perfed 50/bale
11572 AMI-772 12" x 12" Double Weight Perfed 100/bale
11776 AMI-701 17" x 19" Single Weight Perfed 200/bale

Gray Rolls

13162 AMI-744 36" x 150' Double Weight Perfed 1/pack
13162-25 AMI-744-24 24" x 150' Double Weight Perfed 1/pack
13161 AMI-772-2 18" x 150' Double Weight Perfed 2/pack
13162-12 AMI-744-12 12" x 150' Double Weight Perfed 3/pack

Universal Sproket Bond Rolls and Pads

Premium grade universal polypropylene is low linting and deal for general spill clean up of oil, coolant, solvents, water and other industrial fluids. The fine fiber technology increases liquid retention and adds tensile strength for durabliity. Pads and rolls are perforated.


13475 16" x 20" Double Weight Perforated 100/bale
13470 16" x 20" Single Weight Perforated 200/bale
11476 22" diameter Drumtop Pad 25/box


13490 32" x 150' Double Weight Perforated 1/pack
13490-24 24" x 150' Double Weight Perforated 1/pack
13491 16" x 150' Double Weight Perforated 2/pack
13495 32" x 300' Single Weight Perforated 1/pack
13496 16" x 300" Single Weight Perforated 2/pack

Folded Sorbent

Polypropylene absorbent comes in a convenient dispenser box. Can be used like a sock, unfolded into a pad or roll. Perforations every 18" so you only tear off what you need. Rolls are 50 feet long and unfold to 18" width. Sonic bonds add strength and durability for light to medium traffic areas. 1 roll per box.

10550-U FS50-U Gray Universal 18" x 50'
10550-P FS50-P White Oil-Only 18" x 50

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