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PECO's Liquid Phase Separators
PECO's Liquid Phase Separators

have provided years of trouble free service in refineries, production fields and plants around the world. Common applications are hydrocarbon condensate, diesel, and jet fuel water removal. PECO process engineers use scientific principles and proven separation technique to preform the highest level of separation possible between two immiscible liquids with different densities. PECO's Series 110V vertical liquid phase separators utilize first stage coalescer elements and second stage hydrophobic separator elements to preform the seperation.

PECO's Series 110H horizontal liquid phase separator utilizes a wafer pack constructed of fiberglass, stainless steel, or excelsior to coalesce the discontinuous phase for gravity settling in a boot-let sump. The Series 110 liquid phase separators are constructed in accordance with ASME VIII Div. I and will handle flow rates up to 4350 GPM.

PECO's Series 10H Horizontal Liquid Phase Separator

PECO Gas Coalescers Gas Coalescers

PECO's Series 77 gas coalescers are the most reliable liquid mist and aerosol removers on the market. Typical Series 77 coalescer applications include desiccant bed protection, compressor lube oil discharge removal, feed gas filtration, process liquid reclaiming, and general low surface tension mist removal. Units include ASME VIII Div. I code construction and stamp, PECO full diameter quick opening closure, liquid level stilling screen and are available in 6" through 84" diameter sizes.

PECO Inline Gas Filters Inline Gas Filters

PECO offers a full line of dry gas filters for gas distribution, regulator station, instrument gas, and a variety of other dry gas filtration applications. PECO's series 30 inline gas filters are available in cast aluminum and cast steel with 2", 3", and 4" flanged connections, and fabricated carbon steel with 2" through 12" flanged connections. Filters are designed in accordance with ASME VIII Div. I.

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