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Tests prove Harmsco Cartridges Out perform Depth Type Filter Elements and Reduce Filtration Costs

A test facility was set up to evaluate the performance of various filter cartridges.  The objective was to establish which cartridge removes more solids, filters longer and filters more gallons before it reached capacity.  Cartridges tested were nominal five microns, and types included string wound, spun polypropylene, rigid resin bonded cellulose, Harmsco "801-Series" and WaterBetter cartridges.

Test equipment included a test tank, circulating pump, filter housing, mixer and pressure gauges installed prior and after the filter housing.  A mixture of water and AC Coarse Test Duct (3% by weight) was used as the test particulate.  To start the test, each cartridge was weighed (dry) and installed in the filter housing.  A flow rate of three gallons per minute was maintained.  A mixer was operated to keep the test dust in suspension and a stop watch was use to note start-up and termination times.

Filtration commenced until a thirty psi pressure differential was achieved.  The elapsed time was recorded.  After each cartridge was allowed to dry, it was again weighed to establish the amount of solids it had removed from the test stream.  In all tests the filtered product was equivalent.  The test results are shown below:

Harmsco "801" Harmsco WaterBetter Resin Bonded Ceiluilose Spun Polypropylene String Wound
Harmsco "801" Harmsco WaterBetter Resin Bonded Ceiluilose Spun Polypropylene String Wound
12.0 oz.
7.0 oz. 3.3 oz. 2.5 oz. 2.1 oz.

Test Results:

Solids Removal - Harmsco pleated cartridges removed more solids than all other cartridges tested.  The solids removal weights for the cartridges tested are shown above.

Gallons Filtered-Harmsco filter more gallons because they filter longer before they reach 30 () p.

Elapsed Time-Harmsco cartridges provide longer filtration before they reach 30 () p.  The chart on your left shows the lapsed time each cartridge filtered before a 30 psi pressure differential was achieved.

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