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In-Line and multiple barrel pressure filters and gravity or vacuum assisted strainers

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  1. Process Fluid Flows to the inlet at the top left and clean liquid exits through the outlet at the right.  Debris is retained on the filter screen. When the differential pressure reaches 15-20 psig, the filter screen is typically serviced.

  2. Baffled Flow Design the head casting routes the liquid to provide uniform dispersion over the filter medium resulting in even contaminant build-up, longer screen life and less frequent cleaning.

  3. Quarter-Turn Cap provides access to filter elements in seconds without tools, for easy inspection and cleaning.

  4. NPT, Socket Weld, or Flanged Connections NPT threaded and plain end socket weld connections are the standard AES design.  Optional ANSI 150#, 300#, or 600# flanges are available.

  5. Two or Three Piece Filter Elements (optional) For facilities that use 2" diameter filter screens, and different length filter housings, one size filter vaskets (2"x12") can be provided to minimize spare parts inventory. 

  6. Pressure Relief Safety Cap (optional) To maximize safe operation of the filter, a safety relief cap can be provided.  A locking pin and 0-rings secure the cap lock assembly to the integral pressure relief stem.  Removal of the cap lock assembly provides visual evidence that pressure has been relieved and quarter-turn cap removal can safely proceed.

  7. Positive Seal 0-rings O-rings maintain absolute seal integrity to prevent bypass.  They will not take a compression set regardless of the frequency of opening or the amount of pressure applied.  The 0-rings stay with the filter cap and element allowing the filter screens to be serviced quickly and easily.  Element change-out can be accomplished in seconds when a spare filter screen is available.

  8. Element Centering Pin The centering pin guarantees the filter element is axially aligned even in non-vertical installations.  The cap locks the element in position, eliminating stress and vibration problems.

AES Filtration Components
Filtration has been a core specialty at AES Engineered Systems since the company's inception.  Our design innovations and manufacturing excellence continually set standards that serve as performance goals within the industry.  We are a world leader in supplying filtration systems for papermaking mills that produce all types of paper products.

Built to meet specific applications, AES filtration components consist primarily of in-line and multiple barrel pressure filters and gravity or vacuum assisted strainers.  A complete range of design options can be used to meet the demands of a specific process.  High efficiency, operating control and ease of operation are key design objectives.

AES Engineered Systems in-line filters have been favored by process engineers and maintenance personnel for over 30 years.  The simple filter design allows screens to be serviced quickly and efficiently.  With and installed base of more than 20,000 filters, AES has the experience required to solve though filtration problems.

Pressure Gauges

(optional) Whether provided by AES or installed by the end-user, gauges should be installed to provide a visual indication when filter elements require servicing.  The filter elements require servicing.  The filter screen is typically removed and cleaned when the ^P across the filter is between 15-20 psig.

Inlet/Outlet Gauge Ports

Threaded NPT pressure gauge ports are standard on both the front and backside of all in-line filters (except the 340).  This allows the pressure gauges to be installed in a visible location regardless of the filters orientation.

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