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AES Engineered Systems has been providing high quality backwashing barrel filter systems for over 30 years. The patented Pulse Purge powered backwash filter system expands the applications for permanent media tubular filters. Compare the advantages of the AES Pulse Purge system to competitive units:

Reduce Backwash Water Use up to 83%

Compared with other backwashing filters, the Pulse Purge uses as little as half the volume of water of each backwash cycle.  In addition, the increased filter screen cleaning efficiency may result in as much as 3 times longer intervals between backwashing cycles.  In effect, an 83% reduction in water use is achievable.

Less Operator Attention and Manual Filter Element Cleaning

The Pulse Purge system will operate through process system upsets where the total suspended solids in the feed suddenly increase.  The hydraulic system provides the necessary energy to effectively regenerate the filter medium allowing the filter to operate where traditional backwashing filter systems cannot.

Powered Backwash Liquid Filtration Systems

No Minimum Flow or Pressure Requirements for Backwash

Many backwashing filters rely on the system feed pump to provide the necessary energy to effectively clean the filter medium.  In many applications that utilize positive displacement, or centrifugal feed pumps, the outlet pressure changes when a filter backwash is initiated and the available energy in not enough to clean the filter screens.  With the AES Pulse Purge the available flow and pressure are not a concern.  The energy to accomplish the backwash is provided by a low flow, high pressure hydraulic pump.

Use Filtered Water for Backwash Without Disrupting the Downstream Flow

Each barrel uses 15 gallons of filtrate, or water from a clean external source.  If the system filtrate is used, the 12" water cylinder fill speed can be varied from seconds to minutes.

Backwash Effectively With Finer Filter Media Than Ever Before Possible

The Pulse Purge power backwash system releases up to 15 times the horsepower of other filters.  The rapid energy release produces a high velocity backflush that eliminates channeling and assures an efficient and uniform screen cleaning.  For applications requiring fine media to remove problem contaminants, the AES Pulse Purge system can increase the run time between backwashing cycles, reduce water consumption, maintenance, and dramatically improve the filtration process.

Powered Backwash Liquid Filtration Systems

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