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Material Specification for Temperature Resistant Filter Elements


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Microfiberglass and Nomex® Duraflo Filter Media

Combining the high efficiency and high dirt holding of our proprietary low-binder. Microfiberglass with the temperature resistant Nomex®. Rated to 400o Fahrenheit.

Micron Ratings:

  • 1µm Absolute
  • 2µm Absolute

Nomex ®Duraflo Filter Media

Temperature resistant Nomex® media filter element designed for process applications up to 400o Fahrenheit.

Micron Ratings:

  • 25µm
  • 50µm

PPS ®Duraflo Filter Media

Temperature resistant Polyphenaline Sulfide media filter element designed for process applications up to 350o F.

Micron Ratings:

  • 25µm
  • 50µm

Product Features:

  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel Screen Drainage Layers
  • Wide Chemical Compatibility
  • High Efficiency and Long Life

Configurations Available:

  • Double open End:
    - 2.5" Outside Diameter
    - 3" Outside Diameter
    - 6" Outside Diameter

  • Fitting into High Flow Element housing:
  • - "740-Style"

    - HF Series

  • 1401-style
  • Speciality Configurations Available

Performance and specifications calculated using ISO Fine Test Dust in water flowing at 0.5 gpm per square foot in a multi-pass test standard.
Laboratory tests do not duplicate field results.

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