MG Depthflo 1401 Style High Performance Filter Elements
Chemflo's pleated MG Depthflo microfiberglass medias have
superior dirt holding and contaminant removal efficiency.
The '1401' configuration combines increased media surface
area with a rugged steel construction.

Chemflo Product Numbering 2006.pdf
MG Depthflo

Chemflo Vessel Numbering 2006.pdf
Depthflo Series
HT Duraflo
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  • Refinery and Petrochemical Applications
  • Produced Water, Water Injection
  • Natural Gas and Industrial Gases
  • Protection of Equipment and Catalysts
  • Final Products, Haze Removal


Absolute Micron Ratings: 1µm , 2µm ,10µm with Epoxy Binder

Absolute Micron Ratings: 20µm with Acrylic Binder

Removal Efficiency: 99.98%

Pleated Microfiberglass Media - Benefits

Dual Phase Media - High Dirt Holding Capacity

Higher Efficiencies with Lower Pressure Drops

Smaller Vessels - Fewer Elements to Chance Out


Maximum Temperature: 212 o F

Initial Pressure Drop: 2 psid

Max. Differential Pressure: 35 psi at 68 o F

Length: 38.75 inches, nominal

Outside diameter: 3.75 inches, nominal

End Caps: 1401 Style End Caps - Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel Sincle Open End

Media: Pleated Microfiberglass Media with Polyester or Nylon Drainage Media

Performance and specifications calculated using ISO Fine Test Dust in water flowing at 0.5 gpm per square foot in a multi-pass test standard.
Laboratory tests do not duplicate field results.

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