Ronningen-Petter Reusable Media

Synthetic Fabrics, Wire Mesh, and Stainless Steel Perforated Baskets

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Ronningen-Petter Reusable Media
Ten different materials and 20 different retentions give you more than 80 media options for removing trace contaminants from various liquids. Other bag filter manufacturers typically offer about half as many options. Maybe even less.

Included in this extensive range are bags made from various synthetic fabrics, wire mesh, and stainless steel perforated baskets. Perforated support baskets are spiral-welded for maximum strength.There are several advantages to having so many standard items. For example, if you're filtering different liquids and each requires a different media, we can take care of your needs. And single sourcing means reduced paperwork and lower costs. What's more, if your process or product is subject to change, you don't have to change media sources.

Synthetic Fabrics, Wire Mesh, and Stainless Steel Perforated Baskets

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