Filtrox - Lenticular Modules
and Housings for Depth Filtration

Closed, leakage free filter for the use of compact lenticular modules.

Filtrox - Lenticular Modules
Filter modules for depth filtration allow you to achieve sheet filtration with extreme ease of handling. Filter sheets are mounted in a lenticular form on a draining body. A filter module contains several stacked lenticulars which are held together either by metal clamps or by a grid-like core sleeve of PP. Sealing rings between the lenticulars prevent the passage of non-filtered substance.

In the DISCSTAR, several modules can be applied in combination, allowing the filter area to be multiplied in simple steps.

Filter modules allow filtration in an enclosed system without dripping loss. DISCSTAR 30 and DISCSTAR 40 are the economical filter module units. Module filtration allows outstanding filtration results to be achieved in a closed system without drip losses. Very easy handling. Only a small number of modules have to be handled for inserting new and disposing of used filter media. The DISCSTAR offers many extras, both as standard or as options.

Closed, leakage free filter for the use of compact lenticular modules.

The Discostar featured right is Filtrox's filter housing for lenticular modules.
Pictured Left: The Discostar featured right is Filtrox's filter housing for lenticular modules.

The Discostar offers:

  • Use for all common lenticular filter modules
  • All wetted parts: stainless steel AISI 316 L
  • For 12" or 16" Ø modules
  • From 1 to 4 high, single stack or multi stack housings
  • Up to 140 °C / 285 °F
  • 10 bar / 150 psi with pressure vessel certificate
  • Certificate for pharmaceutical applications
  • Many other options
Lenticular Modules
Pictured Right: Lenticular Modules

For depth filtration

  • Easy handling
  • All grades of PuraFix and PuraFix (P) range
  • High dirt holding capacity
  • Filter area
    -1.8 m2 / 19 ft 2 (12" Ø module)
    -3.6 m2 / 39 ft 2 (16" Ø module)
  • No drip loss
  • Solid core, easy handling, maximum safety
  • Bayonet adapter with double-o-ring gaskets
  • Optional: flat adapter

Conversion to Flat Adapter:
Pictured Left Discstar Conversion to Flat Adapter:
  • Easy to handle bayonet converter to flat adapter
  • Double o ring gasket in converter
  • Center post integrated in adapter
Discstar Inserting with bayonet type modules
Pictured Right: Discstar Inserting with bayonet type modules
  • Easy assembly
  • Insert and twist to lock
  • Insert vertical support (stacks higher than 2 modules)
  • Apply capping seal
  • Close cover

 Discstar and Lenticular modules:
Pictured Left: Discstar and Lenticular modules:
  • Easy to handle interlocking bayonet adapter
  • Easy to insert vertical support to stabilize stacks higher than 2 modules
  • Easy to apply capping seal
  • No center post and hold-down device required
 Discstar Closing Options:
Pictured Right - Discstar Closing Options:
  • Swing Bolts
  • Clamp ring
    closing mechanism with just one nut and bolt
  • Both with pressure vessel certificate
  • Up to 10 bar /150 psi

Filtrox Discostar modules
Filter Sheets
Effect of Filtration
Typical retention rate
Application Range
Flow rate 1/m2 /h
AF 03, 23
6-25 μm
Coarse prefiltration
AF 43
4-9 μm
Clarifying filtration of stable products
AF 73
1,5 - 3μm
Clarifying filtraation with significant bacterial reduction
AF 103
0,6 - 1,5μm
High retention for fine filtration
0,5 - 0,8μm
0,4 - 0,6μm
Bottling - and sterile filtration, Cold sterile filtration
350 - 400
0,2 - 0,4μm
0,1 - 0,2μm
For microbiologically unstable products, for reliable end filtration and also for the pharmaceutical products
Proc 3
Containing activated carbon filters for adsorption / correction of colors etc.
For stabilisation, with PVPP

Technical data for standard modules (with flat adapter):


Proven depth filter media (same quality as standard filter sheets, mainly H-series).

Materials of construction:

Stainless Steel or Hastalloy Poypropylene (FDA quality) Prefiltration effect by PE-nonwoven and higher resistnace to back pressure


Standard = Silicone, EPDM, VITON, PTFE etc. available on request

Delivery units:

12" = box with 2 pieces

16" = box with 1 piece

Remark: Filter area can be reduced and cake volume increased by using fewer cells per standard size module. Details on request. Also available are smalller sized modules with 2, 4, 8, 9, 15 cells for use where smaller hold-up volumes, lower flow rates or lower filtration volumes are required. Again details are available on request.

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