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FLO KING's new concept for the metal finishing & plating tank filtration is a radical departure from conventional technology. Traditionally metal finishers have relied on out-of-tank filter systems, which use a tube or hose to draw solution outside the tank and "push" it through a filter cartridge or series of cartridges in a filter chamber. Leaks and spills due to corroded plumbing, loose clamps, leaky seals, etc., are common place. FLO KING eliminates those and many other concerns.

IT Pumps
....up to 5,000 GPH (19,000 LPH) of filtered solution
IT Filters
...electroplated and many other metal finishing solutions
IT Agitates eliminate mechanical stirrers and air agitation
IT Treats
...using carbon or even metal-specific resins

How it Works

With vacuum-side, in-tank Flo King filtration, one or more filter cartridges are totally immersed in the tank and solution to be filtered. Solution is then "pulled" through the filter(s), after which it travels a few short inches before being expelled from a directable discharge part on the pump body. As this is filtered solution is discharged at a high rate, agitation and solution circulation are achieved as a natural by products of filtration.

The Flo King system can be used with high-quality polypropylene-spun disposable or novel reusable filter cartridges. When dirty, the reusable blanket-like material is unrolled from the cartridge core. Many users then lay the material on a piece of metal or plastic grating over a suitable tank, drum or other reservoir and spray it clean using an ordinary hose and spray nozzle. While still wet, the blanket can be rolled around the core (also reusable) and containing attachments to remove organic impurities-in the tank, without messy, expensive, time-consuming batch treatment in a separate tank.

Vacuum-side Flo King filtration provides another important benefit: particulate penetration deep inside the filter media. With conventional pressure-side filtration, solution is essentially "pushed" through a filter cartridge. But with each and every Flo King system, solution is "pulled" through the cartridge by vacuum, providing particulate penetration and retention deep inside the filter media where the filter fibers are more densely packed. That translated so very fine filtration.

Universal Bracket eliminates clamps, screws, and bolts Filtration is only half the battle in capturing particulates. Agitation is the other half. Without effective solution movement, a large percentage of particles and other contaminants descend to the bottom of the tank - escaping entrapment by the filter media.

The Flo King system solves this problem by providing counter flow action as a natural by product of filtration. As solution is expelled at a high rate from the directable pump outlet port, the Flo King system creates a rolling counter flow motion that continually suspends particles for efficient quick-capture removal.

This counter flow action actually cleanses the solution surface by skimming and then dragging particulates, oils, and other contaminants down to the filter media. That means cleaner entry for parts and fewer coating adhesion problems. It also frequently eliminates the need for separate air and mechanical agitation systems.

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