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Liquid Peach
Liquid Peach

PEACH (Peco Engineered Applied Conical Helix) elements are a unique design manufactured in a conical helix pattern.Elements originate from PEM-Peco Engineered Media which is specifically designed for filtration purposes.  This proprietary process produces a depth element which is absolute rated and has high dirt loading characteristics.

String Wound
String Wound

PECO continuous wound filter elements are manufactured from a wide variety of filter media, micron ratings and cores for reliable chemical compatibilities.  They provide a very flexible range of micron rating, diameters and length to fit most applications.  Elements are available in one continuous length up to 72" long and contain most standard end cap configurations.

Sizes: 2.5" & 3" O.D. lengths from 9.75" to 40", Media: Polyester, Polypropylene, End Caps DOE, 222 and most standard configurations, Absolute rating: @99.98%

Sizes: 2.5" & 3" O.D. lengths to 72", Media: Cotton, polypropylene, rayon and many others, End Caps: DOE, 222 and most standard configurations, Normal rating: @98%

Industrial Pleated Elements

Industrial Pleated Elements
PECO's Industrial Pleated Elements are applicable to many applications including workover, water-flood, well completion fluids, waste water and various other applications compatible to the filters construction.Elements are color coded by micron ratings.  Various lengths and end cap configurations are available:

Sizes: 2.5" & 3" O.D. Lengths 9.75" to 40"

Media: Fiberglass & cellulose

End Caps: DOE, 222 & most standard configurations

Absolute rating: @ 99.98%

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