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Differential Pressure Gauge Diagram

Electronic Controller

Tekleen® state-of-the-art electronic backwash controllers are complete with a solenoid, differential pressure sensor, backwash counter, and emergency alarm output. 110/220 volts or battery operated (9V or 12V).

Flush Valve and Solenoid

Tekleen® Automatic Filters Inc, carries several different types of flush valves to meet most specificatiions.

GB6 Controller Cutaway
Electric Flush Valve Cutaway
GB6 Controller Cutaway

Dual Chamber Valve
Electric Flush Valve
Single Changer Valve

In-Line Configuration Diagram

In-Line Configuration

Configuration is ideal for situations where space is limited.

On-line Configuration Diagram

On-Line Configuration

Configuration allows you to access the filter - should it ever become necessary -- with no interruption of the plant's operation.

Skid Configuration Cutaway

Skid Configuration

Configuratiion is a complete unit all in one. It comes with the filter, pump and controller mounted on the skid.

Parallel Configuration Cutaway

Parallel Configuration

Configuration is ideal for very fine filtration - down to 10 microns. By using more than one filter the flow capacity will increase significantly.

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