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Load Tap Changer Filtration Systems

Hilco's complete line of filtration products can meet your requirements

Proven Performance - Electric utility companies continue to show interest in using Hilsorb™ dryer filters on their transformer load tap changers (LTC). Rightbully so, as these filter cartridges have extended the time between maintenance intervals, thereby saving utility dollars. Dryer / filter cartridges, such as the PD718-12-CN, remove free water as well as particulate down to 1 micron ensuring that the contacts in the LTC always operate in oil that is at its prime dielectric strength.

Hilco: the originator of the LTC filtration system - For 15 years, Hilco has provided filtration systems to the utility industry to clean up LTC oil compartments. Since the original pilot project with Virginia Power in the early 1980s, Hilco has manufactured hundreds of custom-designed systems for various utility companies.

Products to meet everyone's needs - Experience has shown that each utility has different requirements for LTC filters. Some companies are interested in 'bare bones', standard Hilco housings. When these units are properly installed, they provide an economical solution to the problem. On the other end of the spectrum, many utilities have opted for all the 'bells and whistles', where only simple plumbing and electrical work is required. In all caes, Hilco has the right product for you.

LTC Filtration System - Standard Features

  • 3.5 gpm positive displacement pumps close coupled to 1/3 HP TEFC motor. Pump has 60 psi built-in relief valve.
  • NEMA-4 electrical enclosure
  • Buna-N o-ring cover seals
  • Vent cock
  • Y-strainer
  • Pressure gage to detect dirty cartridge
  • ANSI # 70 gray paint
  • Pressure switch, SPDT or DPDT to detect dirty cartridge
  • Run light
  • Dirty cartridge indicator light

Deluxe LTC Filtration System

Typical Model: 03718-530101031

Drawing: 5301-01-031-C

Features: includes all standard features of the LTC Filtration System, plus:

  • Enclosed in Nema 4 enclosure with front and top access
  • Float switch to indicate oil in compartment
  • Pressure switch (SPDT) to indicate dirty cartridge
  • Transfer valves to fill or top off reservoir
  • Drain valves
  • Flow indicator

Other options available (partial list):

  • Programmable timer
  • ASME code filters
  • Pressure switch - to be wired into an alarm
  • Drip pans and sump alarms - for leak detection
  • Magnetic motor starter to shut down pump motor remotely
  • Hour meter
  • Heater

At the heart of it all...Hilco's own dryer cartridge

Don't be fooled by private labeling. Hilco manufactures its own filter cartridges in Elmira, NY. This gives our customers:

  • a single source of housings, systems and cartridges;
  • a resource for testing at our R&D lab;
  • a reasonably priced cartridge
Dryer cartridges are designed to remove free water particulate. Cartridges that remove 99% of particles 1 micron or larger are available.

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