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Sioux Industrial Cleaning Unit
At Sioux we know that our equipment is going to be put to the test every day., We also know that a malfunctioning piece of equipment can mean costly downtime for our customers and their businesses. We work hard to minimize problems and downtime by providing high quality component selection, design, construction, and testing. Before it's good enough for you, it has to be good enough for us.

Conservative Design

Sioux does not undersize its components such as motors, pumps, or engines. The components are not operated beyond the manufacturers rating.

Proven Performance

Sioux units are dependable in the field. Incorporating high quality components with engineering design expertise allows us to provide the industrial workplace with up-to-date cleaning equipment that can withstand continuous operation.

Simple Operation

Sioux units are simple to operate, with minimal controls and adjustments.

Factory Testing

Every Sioux unit is thoroughly tested before it leaves the factory. Tests are conducted on each machine individually in our on-site testing facility.

Our Standard Features Set Us Apart

Sioux units are constructed to withstand the pressures of the industrial workplace and include standard features that are considered accessories on many competitive models. These features cost a little more in the beginning, but provide a cleaner that runs smoother, lasts longer, is safer to operate and is ultimately a better return on your investment.

All Sioux units begin with an all-welded steel frame of 14 gauge (or heavier) steel, and 1/4" angle iron. This heavy-duty construction makes our cleaners perfect for industrial cleaning where plastics and thinner metals will soon crack or break under the demands of the environment and frequent use.

Optional elevated float tank and gravity feed water system provides a steady supply of water to the pump. This flooded suction water system helps prevent water starvation (cavitation), a major reason for premature pump failure, thereby extending pump life.

Sioux uses a ceramic multi-plunger, positive displacement, water pump with a forged bronze head, oil-bath lubrication and stainless steel valves. Fuel-fired units have a drip-proof water pump motor, with overload protection, capacitor start, and direct or V-belt drive. All-Electric models have TEFC motors with thermal overload protection.

The finish is a baked-on alkyd primer with enamel paint or baked powder for a durable, long-lasting finish. The optional tanks are available on most models including inlet float tanks and detergent tanks, are constructed of stainless steel to prevent rust.

Sioux is a pacesetter and industry leader in manufacturing application-specific cleaning equipment. In addition to over 200 standard models, Sioux can build customized units to meet your specific needs.

We start with a conventional steam cleaner, hot pressure washer, cold pressure washer or combination unit and then modify the design and accessories to create a unit specifically for your industrial cleaning application. Water heating sources are: oil, natural gas, LP gas or electric. Your unit can be mounted on skid, stationary or portable. Two-wheel or four-wheel over-the-road trailers can be added, as well as custom wheels. Other options include water tanks, gasoline or diesel generators and engines, special hoses, special hose reels and spray gun accessories, stainless steel heating coils, and chemical or sand/grit injection units. This is only a partial list of component modifications which can be made.

Our conventional fuel-fired units feature vertically mounted coil. All hot water and steam models feature coils made of electrically-welded, coldrolled, steel tubing or schedule 80 pipe. These vertically mounted, naturally aspirated coils eliminate hot spots and trapped condensation that can damage the coil, and facilitate simple drainage, to prevent freezing the heating coil.

Our gas burners have electronic ignition combustion, are multi-orifice, naturally aspirated, and feature a self-monitoring system. Oil burners feature a pressure fuel system, positive forced air, adjustable pressure, automatic spark ignition, a 10,000-volt transformer, and a totally enclosed motor. All oil-fired units include fuel filter/water separator System. A variety of mountings are available to customize your unit, depending on the model and your specific application need. Choices include stationary legs, skid, casters, and several types of over-the-road trailers. All Sioux hot water or steam cleaners include a high temperature limit switch, glycerin -filled pressure gauge and a pressure relief valve. All units are shipped complete with discharge hose, with fittings, nozzles, and gun.

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