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Dakota® Series machines are third-party certified by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, ETL, and meet OSHA regulations. All Dakota® Series units meet the following nationally recognized standards:

  • Underwriters Laboratory Standard for Safety for High-Pressure Cleaning Machines, UL 1776, and
  • Canadian Standards Association Standard for Safety for Oil/Gas Commercial/ Industrial Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaners, CAN/CSA-B140.11-M89. In addition, these machines meet the following:
  • National Electric Code (NEC)
  • Canadian Electric Code (CEC), and
  • For gas fired Dakota® Series Machines, the requirements of the American Gas Association, and the Canadian Gas Association, which are now specified in CAN/CSA-B140.11-M89
  • Third-party certification is an important benefit and protection for you and your company. Buying only third-party certified equipment should be an important part of your purchasing decision.
  • It is the law in the workplace (OSHA regulation 1910.399) that electrical equipment be third-party certified*. Failure to comply could result in penalties of $5,ooo or more. All models in the Dakota® Series by Sioux are third-party certified.
  • Employees depend on their company to provide a safe working environment. Insisting on third-party-certified equipment is an important part of providing a safe working environment.
  • Accidents due to unsafe equipment can lead to costly litigation. Minimize this possibility by purchasing only third-party certified equipment.

Sioux Dakota ®Series Machines are Performance Certified

In 1998 the Cleaning Equipment Trade Association (CETA) implemented a new performance standard for the industry. This standard, developed by the Technical Standards Committee of CETA, in conjunction with engineering representatives from manufacturers and suppliers in the industry, specifies the performance criteria required for CETA certification. All Dakota Series machines meet these requirements, and are CETA Performance Certified. This certification assures the buyers of Dakota® Series machines that the performance promised in the literature will be the performance delivered.

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