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SDS20 Transformer Oil Dehydration System The SDS20 Transformer Oil Dehydration System utilizes Velcon's Superdri technology to remove dissolved water from transformer oil. The dual stage unit processes oil to reach moisture levels of 10 parts per million of dissolved water or less in a single pass. The SDS20 can dramatically reduce oil filling costs by eliminating the need for costly heat and vacuum units to dehydrate transformer oil. The system is designed with all the necessary features required for critical transformer filling operations. These features help reduce downtime and eliminate added cost from sampling error, or from improper use of filter cartridges.


The SDS20 System with Superdri cartridges can be used for oil processing situations where removal of dissolved water in insulating oil is necessary.

  • Use the SDS20 System to process oil used to fill new distribution and EHV transformers. Avoids the need for heat and vacuum systems to dry the oil
  • Filter and dehydrate transformer oil used to fill existing transformers after repair or service
  • Use the SDS20 System to enable oil to meet moisture critical ASTM D-1816 dielectric strength requirements
  • Purify oil used for circuit breakers and other high voltage apparatus that is sensitive to dissolved water
  • The SDS20 can be fitted with standard Aquacon filters for routine oil maintenance work
SDS20 System Superdri Cartridges

  • Skid mounted on drip pan base (with drain)
  • Welded carbon steel components
  • 304 stainless steel piping, JIC fittings
  • Stainless steel sample ports
  • Polyester polyurethane powder coat paint
  • Electrical grounding lug
  • Lifting lugs

  • Positive displacement 30 gpm gear pump with mechanical seal and internal adjustable pressure relief bypass
  • Adjustable flow control bypass - allows flow adjustment from 10 to 30 gpm
  • Inline basket strainer with tool-less basket access
  • ASME code design model VF-1215 pre-filter vessel with automatic air eliminator accepts 2 ea 8" or 11" diameter Velcon Aquacon cartridges
  • Oil make-up port
  • 30" 0 - 100 psi compound gauge at pump inlet
  • 0 - 50 PSID differential pressure gauge across each vessel
  • Digital flow meter/totalizer with LCD readout indicates flow rate, batch gallons pumped (resettable) and total gallons pumped
  • 2 hp, 208/230 vac, 1 phase, 12 amp, 1800 rpm, TEFC motor
  • NEMA 4 control box
  • Motor run lamp
  • Magnetic motor starter with manual reset overload protection
  • Adjustable high pressure shut-off switch with indicator lamp
  • Hour meter
  • All electrical components UL listed/CSA approved
  • User to supply power cord plug

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