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Drip Pans Use under leaky drum spigots, hydraulic hoses or anywhere you don't want liquids on your floor. General purpose pans and oil-only pans are available in 2 styles: pillow in a pan or "traditonal" sealed top with loose absorbent inside. Oil-only pans have drainage holes in the bottom to allow rain water to escape.

Item # Description
16850 Indoor pan 10" x 10" Traditional 20 pan/case
16855 AMI-111-U 10" x 10" Pillow/Pan 12 pans/24 pillow/case
16856 AMI-61-U 10" x 10" Replacement Pillow 40/case

AMI Granular

AMI Granular
Item # Description
1815 Granular Cellulose 25 lb Bag

  • 25 lb. bag weighs more than the competition.
  • Absorbs most non-aggressive fluids.
  • Incinerable cellulose is 3 times more absorent than clay.

Chem Oil-Away

Chem Oil-Away
Item # Description
  • Universal sorbent absorbs oil, solvents, coolants, etc.
  • Eliminates the slippery sheen left by most absorbents.
  • Dust free and removes stains from concrete
18135 Chem-Oil Away 40 lb bag

Corn Cob Crumbles

Corn Cob Crumbles
Item # Description
Can be used for spill cleanup of oil, grease, water and most non-aggressive fluids. Absorbs up to 4 times its weight - compare that to 1 times its weight for clay absorbents. Incinerates to less than 2% ash. 18140 Corn Cob Crumbles 40 lb bag

Vermiculite Absorbent

Vermiculite Absorbent
Item # Description
Chemically inert material is commonly used as a packing material when shipping breakable containers of chemicals or hazardous fluids. * Shipping charges are based on weight . 18145 Vermiculite 4 cu. ft. bag

Spaghetti Strips & Grind

Spaghetti Strips & Grind
When you need to soak up spills in hard to reach areas. Available in oil-only polypropylene or universal to soak up most any fluid.


Item # Description
11101 AMI-101 Oil-Only Strips 24 lbs/box
11102 AMI-102 Oil-Only Grind 24 lbs/box


Item# Description
11501 AMI-2101 Universal Strips 24 lbs/box
11502 AMI-2102 Universal Grind 24 lbs/box

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