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Compact Industrial Mop Skimmers
Crucial's skimmers can help clean a wastewater stream, remove contaminants from coolants and wash water, or recover a valuable or reusable product. These skimmers can collect any free-floating oils, including petroleum, animal, vegetable and mineral oils. Mop skimmers and disc skimmers are available for compact to high volume capacities.

Compact Industrial Mop Skimmers

The C-13 series are lightweight stainless steel mop skimmers ideal for mist industrial applications.

Installation is simple. The rope mop drops directly on the surface to be skimmed where it floats during oil collection. The oil is then squeezed from the mop and can be gravity fed or pumped to drums or other storage containers.

ORD disc skimmers are used with frequent liquid level fluctuations or for situations with large amounts of particulate such as metal fines. ORD Disc Skimmers

Crucial's ORD disc skimmers are used in applications with frequent liquid level fluctuations or for situations with large amounts of particulate such as metal fines.

Rotating discs collect the oil while scraper blades remove it for pumping to appropriate storage. Discs can be arranged on either floating frame or on a fixed frame for permanent installation.  ORD skimmers are available in models with recovery rates from 10 to 200 gallons per minute.  Standard ORD systems come complete with hydraulic power packs, transfer pumps and hoses.

ORD Disc Skimmers
C-20 Skimmers
High Volume Mop Skimmers

The C-20 series of skimmers are for applications which require recovery of large amounts of oil.These models are used on large tanks or setting ponds incorporating a double squeezeing wringer for pulling long lengths of mop (up to 1,500 ft.) which provides more effective skimmer coverage for 20 to 100,000 sq. ft. Optional accessories include automatic offloading pumps, level sensor swithches, and auto shut downs. Units may be gasoline, diesel or explosion-proof elcetric powered.

High Volume Mop Skimmers

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