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Hardware for Clay Elements

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There is a direct bypass flow-path in all clay vessels that use spring/ring assemblies shown in the diagram at the right. Note the presser ring that pushes down on the top element, forced by the spring, has a hole that is larger (0.110") than the standpipe. This means that fuel can travel downward through this clearance without ever having gone through the clay. See the arrows indicating flow in the diagram.

This problem is less severe if you are using fabric core elements. It is more of a problem with canisters or bags with plastic web0type center-tubes.


Spring Cap Assembly overcomes above problem when using bag-type elements in Fram/Facet vessels.


Bag spacer minimizes this problem because the raised rib or bead "imprints" the top of the lower element and bottom of upper element. The impression cuts across the spoke-like creases.


Top Cap replaces the entire assembly when using canister elements in Fram/Facet vessels.


Bottom Seal Assembly is placed under the lower element. Includes a GTP-2557-1 gasket and one of the GTP-2540 bag spacers.


Canister Spacer improves end sealing of canister elements when used in vessels that were originally made for bag-type elements. Our canister spacer has a unique ridge and spoke design to prevent bypassing when elements are not properly centered, end-to-end.

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