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  • Automatic Speed Control
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  • Over-Run Control
    No tangles from drum inertia.
  • Totally Enclosed Spring
The Ametek Static Discharge and Bonding Reels provide for the retraction and compact storage of 50, 75 and 100 foot cable and clamp assemblies. These reels are used to bond the aircraft to the refueling truck and / or to ground both during aircraft refueling; also applicable for truck and tank car loading and unloading or other applications where static electricity could cause a spark and subsequent explosion. The 50 and 75 foot cable length models meet USAF MIL-R-83325 and U.S. Government specifications A-A-50696 which replaces MIL-R-83232 which spell out that the reel must be functional under very severe environmental conditions.

A deciding advantage of the Ametek Static Discharge Reel is that it is much more convenient to handle because it weighs only one-half as much as most competitive units meeting the above mentioned MIL Specifications. Since it is also one-third smaller in overall size the reel is easier to locate and mount on the vehicle.

A patented automatic latching mechanism holds cable at any desired length. Release and retraction is performed by a slight pull on the cable. Retraction need not be attended since speed is automatically governed by a special brake assembly which limits travel speed to within tow to seven feet / second. This unique feature is not a requirement of A-A-50695, making the Ametek reel superior to all others on the market today.

Sturdy steel components and a cantilever type frame supporting the reel assembly provide a rigid and durable unit which will function under the most adverse conditions. Baked on MIL spec red finish and gasketed drum construction protect operating parts from corrosion. A minimum of maintenance is required. Bearing surfaces are permanently lubricated.

Note: Bonding during fuel handling operations prevents external electrical discharge in the presence of fuel vapor. It does not remove bulk charges from the fuel and cannot prevent internal explosions. This hazard can only be prevented by increasing the conductivity of the fuel so that positive and negative static charges can be recombined.


Cable: 7 x 7 Galvanized Steel: 3/32" clear plastic coated to 1/8" dia. is standard; 3/16" coated diameter, colors and stainless steel available.

Cable Clamp: Standard 100 amp copper, 3 3/4" length, 1.06* opening, model GTP-1096 C.

Resistance: 10 OHMS Max. between Clamp and Mounting Base on all Models

Life Test: 5000 Cycles

Retraction Speed: 2-7 Feet / Sec.

Finish: Conforms to MIL-STD 806, Red Paint, Film Designation DG.

Operating Temp: -65oF to + 12 oF

Storage Temp: -80oF to + 16 oF

Model No.
With Out Cable
Model No.
With Cable
Cable Length (Max)
Net Weight
Standard Model
Drum Capacity Including "Y"s
1/8" Dia.
3/16" & 5/32" Dia.

50 ft.
14.5 lbs
100 ft.
70 ft.
75 ft.
20 lbs.
100 ft.
70 ft.
100 ft
23 lbs
120 ft
75 ft.

To Specify A Reel, Use This Number Sequence:

Plastic is Day-Glo Red
Diameter is 1/8"
Option C is available in 3/16" Dia and 1/6" Dia
Option D is available in 3/16" Dia
Option E is available only in 3/32" Dia.
Option F is available only in 1/8" Dia.
Option H is available in 3/16" Dia and 1/8" Dia

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