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A General Overview of Mott Precision Sintered Porous Metal Filter Elements

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Filter Elements Mott Corporation manufactures standard filter elements in a broad range of materials and sizes, and with a selection of fittings, so they can be easily specified with the charac-teristics and configurations customers require. Mott can incorporate custom features or create completely original designs for specialized needs.

High differential pressure capability – Mott porous metal filter elements can be designed to withstand differ-ential pressures over 3000 psi.

Cleanable filter elements– As part of permanent filtration installations, Mott elements can be effectively cleaned in situ in many applications. This is accomplished by a blowback system for gaseous applications or a back-wash / backflush system for liquid applications. Mott engineers are highly experienced in designing and constructing such systems. Examples of these process filters are the LSI filters for liquid / solids applications and the GSV filter for gas / solids applications. Contaminants can also be removed chemically by means of solvents, caustic wash, acid wash, as well as water, steam and air flush. Ultrasonic cleaning is used to remove chemically inert materials. Controlled-atmosphere fluid bed furnaces may also be used. Mott precision porous metal filter elements may be cleaned and subsequently kept in continuous operation for years, where other types of elements would have to be replaced several times.

High corrosion resistance: While 316L stainless steel is the standard material of construction, Mott elements are available in a variety of materials for chemical compatibility with many liquids and gases. Other materials include: 304L, 310, 347 and 430 stainless steel; Hastelloy® B, B-2, C-22, C276, N and X; Inconel® 600, 625 and 690; Monel® 400, Nickel 200, Alloy 20 and titanium.

High-Temperature Capability

Material Oxidizing Reducing or Neutral

316L SS
750 F
1000 F
310 SS
1100 F
1500 F
Inconel 600
1100 F
1500 F
Hastelloy X
1450 F
1700 F

Mott Precision Rolled and Welded Porous Metal Elements

Construction features. Mott manufactures filtration elements in a wide variety of configurations including open-end, closed-end, and with welded hardware and fittings. Our sales staff and engineers can adapt standard product or customize a design to meet your specific process needs. Contact Mott to review your requirements.

Materials of construction. Standard materials of construction for rolled and welded elements are 316L stainless steel porous media, with 316 stainless steel hardware. Alternate materials are also available.

Element diameters. Diameters, other than the standards listed, are available on special order. Consult the factory to discuss your specific requirements. Standard diameters are: 1", 1⁄÷™", 2", 2⁄÷™", 2‹÷¢" and 3".Hex nipple open end connections. Hex nipple sizes, other than the standards shown, are available on special order. Alternate sizes available:

In addition to precision rolled and welded elements, Mott Corporation supplies elements made with Mott seamless porous tube media, which are available in smaller diameters from ⁄÷¢" to 1" standard, with specials up to 2" diameter.

Element Diameter

1 1/4 "
1 1/2"
2 1/2"
Hex nipple sizes, other than the standards shown, are available on special order. Alternate sizes available:
Element Diameter
Standard Hex Nipple
Alternate Hex Nipple Sizes

1 1/2"
1/4 " NPT
1/2" NPT 3/4" NPT
1/2" NPT
3/4" NPT 1" NPT
2 1/2"
1" NPT
1 1/2" NPT 2" NPT
2 3/4"
1" NPT
1 1/2" NPT 2" NPT
1 1/2" NPT
2" NPT

Smaller sizes may also be specified if required.

Mott Precision Double Open End Gasket Sealed Cartridges

Interchangeable replacement cartridges
  • 2 1/2" diameter
  • 10" - 20" - 30" nominal lengths
  • 316L stainless steel porous media
  • 300 Series stainless steel hardware
  • Standard:
    0.039" wall media grade 0.2
    0.047" wall media grades 0.5, 1
    0.062" wall media grades 2, 5, 10, 20
    0.078" wall media grade 40
    0.093" wall media grade 100
  • Media grades in liquid / solids separation applications:
    0.2, 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, and 100
Maximum differential pressure.
  • Standard:
    Outside-in pressure for media grades 0.2 - 100 is 50 psi
    Inside-out* pressure for media grades 0.2 - 100 os 40 psi
  • Spring reinforced "R"
    Outside-in pressure for media grades 0.2 - 40 is 250 psi
    Outside-in pressure for media grade 100 is 1580 psi
    Inside-out* pressure for media grades 0.2 - 100 is 40 psi

* Inside-out limit due to possible gasket bypass

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filter elements click here

Rolled and welded porous metal 1" diameter PDS elements.

Mott Corporation has developed a precision thin media originally for use as porous demineralizer septa (PDS) (0.028" thick) that is rolled and seam welded into 1" diameter cylindrical elements. The unmatched uniformity of permeability of Mott media provides excellent filtration performance. This feature is most important in precoat applications, such as with demineralizer resins for boiler feed water. Uniform precoat is assured, providing optimum cycle life. In actual experience at a nuclear power plant, Mott PDS elements had a 10 times longer cycle life than that of a competitive media.

The standard mounting is an O-Ring seal flange, designated as -Q17-. Elements are top loaded and secured into the tube sheet by a hold down plate (see Tube Bundle Assembly below). PDS elements provide a reliable, light-weight alternative to 1" diameter heavy wall seamless

Inside view of Mott Rolled and Welded Porous Metal 1" Diameter PDS Elements
O-Ring seal material
  • Neoprene
  • Teflon*
  • Viton
  • Buna-N
  • Ethylene Propylene (EPDM)
  • Silicone
  • Kalrez*
  • Teflon* Encapsulated Viton
Tube sheet construction.
Hole for Element – 1.070" +0.010/0.000
diameter.0.015" x 45° chamfer maximum.
Tube sheet surface for O-Ring seal, 1.5" diameter
around element hole to be 125 RMS or better.
Inside view

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metal filter elements click here.
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