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When it comes to developing efficient, long-lasting process filtration systems, no other company has more experience, and as much to offer, as Mott Corporation. For decades, users of bag, plate-and-frame, and leaf filters have switched over to Mott for the distinct advantages that Mott systems provide. At Mott, we never rely on "just enough" engineering. Products are routinely designed and tested to perform at the specified flows and differential pressures in pilot tests on-site or in our applications laboratory. Which is why each Mott systems is designed for maximum process results, extended service life and optimum return on investment. Mott provides complete filter systems modularized to include all valves, instruments, controls, piping and gauges.
Industial Plant
  • Uniform, High-precision porosity - Pore size and pore distrubution are controlled to create filtration media with distinct porosity characteristics.
  • High-strength media - Sintering bonds filter media together at the molecular level, eliminating the tear, fatigue and breakthrough problems typical of other media.
  • Reduced spare parts expense - Porous metal filter elements seldom need replacing, unlike disposable cartridges and bags.
  • Ease of cleaning - Most filters are easily freed of particulate by using blowback (gas) or backwash (liquid) cleaning methods - without scraping, scrubbging, or rotating filter elements. Contaminants may also be removed with water, steam, air, solvents, caustic or acid washing, or with ultrasonic cleaning.
  • Totally enclosed - Backwashing filter elements reduce operator exposure to hazardous chemicals.
  • Waste minimization - Cleanable filter media eliminates incineration or landfill costs associated with disposable filters.
  • Minimal maintenance - Mott filters have no moving parts, resulting in simpler and less frequent maintenance procedures.
  • Single-stage filtration- An entire train of process filtration steps may often be replaced with a single Mott filter system.
  • Wide selectiion of media - Mott offers the widest selection of filter media, more than 20 in all, ranging from standard 316L stainless steel to corrosive-resistant nickel and Hastelloy®.

Mott Process Image
An infinate number of ways to design a Mott solution for you.

These pages merely provide an overview of the methods of process filtration available from Mott. Once we establish which method is best suited to your application, then we can begin creating your unique solution. Selecting the proper materials. Determining the media grade. Customizing the design. Evaluating performance - first in the Mott laboratory, then on-site at your facility. All of which ensures that your completed Mott system will be fully engineered to the specific parameters of your progress.

Internal Process Image

Mott lets you take the best course for your process filtration. There are many ways to approach process filtration. Some companies offer the traditional outside-in method. And a few can incorporate the benefits of all-metal filter elements. But only Mott offers six porous metal filtration designs. Inside-out filtration used in Mott HyPulse LSI and LSM filters results in more uniform deposition, and more secure retention of solids, while eliminating the problem of cake bridging between elements often associated with outside-in filtration.

Four Ways to Separate Solids From Liquids

HyPulse LSI filters incorporate inside-out filtration, a method and design unique to Mott Corporation. At the end of each filter cycle, solids are backwashed off the inside of the elements and discharged as a concentrated slurry or wet cake.

Internal of Mott LSI Filter Cycle
Distinct LSI benefits include:
  • Eliminates cake bridging and associated problems
  • Higher surface area to volume ratio
  • Allows for cake washing
  • Minimized heel
  • High solids discharge capability
  • Rapid turnaround between cycles maximizes on-stream service
  • Can be used without filter aids for filtration applications
  • Positive cake retention and control
  • Ideal for recovery of carbon-based precious metal catalysts, activated carbon, organic salts, FCC catalyst from slurry oil, and pre-coat filtration applications
Internal View of Mott LSI Backwash Cycle

Other unique Mott alternatives, HyPulse LSM filters place inside-out filtration within a double open-ended design.
High-density solids are allowed to settle directly into the discharge hopper. LSM filters may be operated on a filter
/ backwash cycle schedule, or can be used as concentrators in a recirculating system.

Inside View of Mott LSM Process Filter
  • Feed can be introduced at the top of the filter, the bottom or both
  • Allows longer cycles
  • Keeps high-density solids from clogging elements
  • Achieves higher solids concentration
  • Can be used as a crossflow concentrator or a continuous-loop reactor filter
  • Incorporates efficiencies of inside-out filtration
  • Ideal for RANEY ®nickel catalyst recovery, and for steady-state continuous operation in critical process applications

HyPulse LSP filters offer conventional outside-in filtration for polishing low solid streams with solids concentration under
100 ppm. Easy to use and maintain, LSP filters provide reliable, permanent filtration that outperforms other types of media
in a number of ways:

Inside View of Mott LSP Process Filter
  • Easy access to elements from top
  • Element bundle is removable as an assembly
  • Dense element spacing for compact, economical designs
  • Filter areas up to 2200 ft2, withstands differential pressure up to 500 psi
  • Ideal for polishing filter applications, inorganic bromide salts, and ion exchange filtration applications

HyPulse LSX Process filters provide uninterrupted filter cycle performance through crossflow filtration. Slurries flow through open-ended filter elements, allowing filtrate to exit the system on a continous basis while particulate remains in the circulating stream. This is the ideal filtration method for slurries with unique particulate characteristics, or for achieving maximum retention of valuable particulate such as expensive catalysts.

Inside View of LSX Filter Cycle
  • High solids concentration factor
  • High crossflow velocities (5-20 ft/s) keeps solids in suspension and the filter surface clean
  • Filters out finer particulate
  • Ideal for operation with continous loop reactors, concentration of radwaste, and very fine particle separation
  • Application for batch concentrations or continuous-stage operation
Inside View of Mott LSX Backpulse Cycle

Two Ways to Remove Particulate from Gas Streams

HyPulse GSP Process filters offer traditional filtration of process gases and stream, for applications where process conditions preclude the use of conventional particulate control devices, cyclones and bag houses. Upon reaching a given differential pressure or cycle time, the feed is discounted and the backflow cycle is engaged. A flexible, all-purpose method of gas filtration.

GSP Plenum Blowback Filter
Inside View of Mott GSP Plenum Blowback Filter
  • Simple design, eash operation
  • Cost-effective high-efficiency particulate removal
  • Filter areas up to 1000 ft2
  • Operating pressures > 1000 psi
  • Temperatures up to 1800 F
  • Elements can be cleaned by reverse flow, or by removal and external cleaning
  • Ideal for removing contaminants from high-temperature gases, and for rust and pipe scale removal from stream

HyPulse GSV filters are the ideal alternative for applications requiring continuous filter operation. Porous elements, which are manifolded together, are sequentially pulsed and cleaned while the unit remains on-line. GSV filtration flows outside-in, as in the GSP design, but introduces several distinct benefits:

Inside View of Mott GSV HyPulse Filter
  • Continuous operation
  • High throughput with minimal backpulse requirements
  • Filter areas > 1000 ft2
  • Operating pressures up to 500 psi
  • Temperatures up to 1800 F
  • Ideal for recovery of polyethylene solids, magnesium oxide solids, and catalyst recovery from fluid bed reactors

Finished Product
Recovering precious-metal catalyst safely, easily, without interruption. One of Europe's leading chemical manufactures required the removal of platinum-on-carbon catalyst from a continuous catalytic oxidation reaction. The high cost of the precious-metal catalyst made high-efficiency capture essential. And to enhance productivity further, cleaning operations had to be performed without interruption of process workflow. Mott provided a total of 6 Mott HyPulse LSX crossflow modules arranged in three parallel trains. Each module was engineered to perform individual backpulse cleaning, enabling the system as a whole to deliver uninterrupted filtration - thereby eliminating the operation exposure and costly downtime caused by having to replace disposable filter elements.

Skid-mounted Mott HyPulse LSM system used for catalyst recovery.

Filtrate Diagram for LSX Crossflow
High-quality filtrate, maintenance-free operation. A major United States gulf coast chemical producer required continuos, clear filtrate in conjunction with the removal of RANEY nickel catalyst from a butanol solvent. The Mott HyPulse LSM allows concentration of solids in a hopper, the particle loading on the filter element is significantly reduced, resulting in longer cycles. This particular LSM was fully automated and skid mounted, and has provided clear filtrate quality along with maintenance-free operation. In addition, the Mott LSM's multiple operation modes afford flexibility in how particulate is removed.

Multiple Mott HyPulse LSX crossflow systems can be arranged to optimize uptime and facilitate maintenance.

Handling the most rigorous industrial conditions

Industrial Image
While applications including high temperatures and corrosive environments are Mott's specialty, any pressure-driven filtration process with high operating costs is a potential opportunity for applying our products. We provide each customer with the best solution to their process specifications, improving efficiency as well as protecting their investment in equipment.

Refinery - Mott filter systems can be designed to handle high flow rates in continuous operations typical refinery applications. Hot hydrocarbon streams such as FCCU slurry oil, often require removal of catalysts and other praticulate. Removal of catalyst fines and other particulate not only improve the oil product, it also improves downstream operating equipment by preventing fouling and reducing maintenance.

Chemical / Petrochemical Image
Chemical / Petrochemical

Extreme temperatures, harsh elements and other factors that contribute to hostile environments make Mott porous metal the ideal media for chemical / petrochemical filtration applications. Elements sintered from 100% stainless steel, nickel, or Hastelloy offer unsurpasse chemical compatibility, and the ability to withstand years of continuous use under the worst conditions. Typical applications include:

  • Polishing of corrosive liquids and gases
  • Process steam filtration
  • Catalyst retention, fluid bed reactors
  • Catalyst recovery, slurry phase reactors
  • High-temperature liquids and gases
  • Cryogenic fluids
  • Solvents, ketones, esters, amines, liquid hydrocarbons, polymers
  • Guard filtration for fixed bed reactors
Food and Beverage Image Food and Beverage

Stainless steel, our standard material of construction, is also material of choice in food processing. So we're very much at home in designing systems for the food and beverage industry. Our ability to create fully automated systems that withstand high temperatures and support frequent and thorough cleaning has been applied to a variety of applications, such as:

  • Process steam filtration
  • Catalyst recovery from hydrogenation reactors
  • Polishing of syrups, liquors and other liquids
  • Catalyst removal from flavor ingredients and other food specialties
  • Activated carbon removal, decolorization

Pharmaceutical Image

As in food processing, Mott is helping pharmaceutical companies maximize productivity. Mott products are used in decolorization, steam filtration and catalyst recovery.

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