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All Electric Hot Water Washer Unit

Electric Motor Driven, Electrically Heated. Specifically Designed for Hazardous Environments.

Sioux's All-Electric steam cleaners, pressure washers and combination cleaners are ideal for indoor/outdoor use, and in hazardous environments. Unlike fuel-fired machines, Sioux's All-Electric line produces no fumes, exhaust or open flames. This makes our cleaners well suited for indoor application and enclosed spaces where air quality is a concern. Sioux's entire line of All-Electric steam cleaners are ETL .listed, providing third-party certification to UL-1776 and the Canadian Standards Association CSA C-22.2 No. 68-92. This equipment meets the U.S. and Canadian National Electric Codes and complies with OSHA Regulation 1910.303(a).

Sioux® All-Electric cleaners can operate continuously without a decrease in the discharge temperature. No preheating or recover time is required, which means hot water is available within moments to startup. To install, just connect the cleaner to your plants electrical source and water supply.

All-Electric Features:

The electrical system includes water-tight NEMA 4 enclosures, internal branch circuit fusing and components which meet NEC standards. Motor starters have thermal protection, oil-tight switches and indicator lights.

An optional machine disconnect switch allows users to shut off power at the machine.

The heating element is constructed of Incoly® sheathed rods, enclosed in a flanged, hydrostatically tested housing. Flanged heating elements are used on all H4 and H8 cleaners operating below 1,200 psi. High pressure H8 cleaners (1,200 through 3,000 psi) are equipped with encapsulated heating elements to reduce weight and improve machine stability.

Explosion-Proof, All-Electric Units

For Hazardous Environments

All models (steam cleaners, hot water pressure washers, and combination cleaners) can be built to explosion-proof specifications. Explosion-Proof units are designed for use in hazardous and potentially volatile environments. In addition to meeting the All-Electric standards above, Sioux explosion-proof models are also ETL certified to UL-1203, "Explosion-Proof and Dust Ignition-Proof Electrical Equipment for use in Hazardous (Classified) Locations," and Canadian CSA C22.2 No. 30-92.

The hose rack provides convenient hose storage. An optional hose reel easily attaches to standard brackets furnished on all cleaners.

A shut-off gun stops hot water or steam discharge when the trigger is released. This feature increases operator safety and reduces energy and water usage. Shut-off guns are standard on pressure washers. An optional shut-off gun is available for steam cleaners and combination units.

An optional advanced temperature control system allows users to select and easily-adjustable, exact discharge temperature for optimum cleaning efficiency.

Value-Added Accessories - Cleaning Compounds

Sioux® Liquid A Steam & Pressure Cleaning Compound for Steam, Hot Water or Cold Water Cleaning

Sioux® Liquid A Steam and Pressure Cleaner Compound is a powerful, biodegradable, environmentally safe cleaning compound specially formulated for heavy industrial cleaning applications. Working in either soft or hard water, Liquid A creates adhesion between the dirt and the water or steam, which keeps dissolve dirt from he surface quickly and thoroughly.

Built-in corrosion inhibitors lubricate the pump, while the cleaning compound adds speed and muscle to the toughest cleaning jobs, especially when removing grease and oil.

Sioux® Dry Coil Conditioner is excellent for deliming the coil and plumbing system of your Sioux® Steam Cleaner, Hot Pressure Washer, or Combination Cleaner. It is extremely effective in removing calcium and magnesium scale, hard water scale and other deposits. The build-up of these mineral deposits can limit the flow of water through the coil and clog the plumbing system reducing the performance and life of the equipment. As Sioux® Dry Coil Conditioner cleans your coil and dissolves lime and scale, it changes color from bright red to yellow. In dry form, coil conditioner is a pink, granule, non-hydroscopic acid. In dry or solution form it is non-foaming, produces no corrosive gases and has no flash point.

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