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Series U Pumps Close-coupled, Footed Motor
Haight Pump is proud to introduce our newest generation of vacuum pumps, Pumps that Perform, continuing our 70 year old tradition, of supplying our customers with Rugged, Reliable, and Innovative vacuum pumps. We have coupled the best features of our proven Series D and DR vacuum pump models with a new robust, and flexible housing design. The Series U vacuum pumps incorporate our innovative UniverSeal shaft seal design, and a bolt-on Relief Valve into a single housing. Combining these two design concepts established a modular pump design, which offers pump users the ability to easily and effectively adapt their pumping equipment to meet the changing requirements of their process system.

Both rotating parts are hydraulically balanced along the shaft axis, elimination the need to adjust end plates. The gear within a gear design doesn't subject the rotating members to overhung load problems, allows for fluid feed on both sides of the gears, and functions as an internal gear reducer slowing down the larger rotating gear. These features result in reduced wear, less maintenance, a compact size and lover noise.

Haight Series U Close Coupled, Footed Bracket Today's complex processing environment demands greater integration of equipment and application. Haight is recognized as a leading manufacturer of high quality rotary gear, positive displacement pumps for use in a braod variety applications. As a member of the Baker Manufacturing family, our customers benefit from our:
  • metallurgical expertise
  • high tech foundry
  • premier research and development capabilities
  • our extensive technical knowledge of pump applications

    Now more than ever, we can offer you a customized response to both:
  • your operational needs
  • cost requirements

Haight Series U Hub Mount Haight's heavy-duty, positive displacement rotary gear pumps are truly "pumps that perform". All of our engineering, manufacturing, and application skills are focused on the development, production, and sales of dependable, versatile, and quiet products designed to meet the needs of our customers. The most reliable of today's rotary gear pumps are built on the "gear within the gear" principle that Haight pioneered.

Industries & Applications
Liquids Pumped (2)

Standard Iron Petroleum Products - Machine Manufacturing - Machine Tools - Crane - Speed Reducers - Hydraulic Equipment - Lubrication Systems - Diesel Engines - Food Processing - Restaurant Equipment - Misc. Chemical, Glue & Ink - Soap and Detergent Products - Drug - Building & Highway Contractors - Paper Products - Automotive - Shipbuilding - Beverage - Aircraft - Mining - Misc. Manufacturing - Primary Metal - Electrical Equipment & Supplies. Fuel Oils, hydrocarbons, lube oils, syrups, diesel fuel, coolants, cooking oils, wire drawing compounds, hydraulic fluids, quench oils, heat transfer oils, tar, ethylene glycol, varnish, was, vegetable oils, detergents, lacquer, soaps, calibration fluids, glycerine, adhesives, molasses, transformer oil, ammonia, anhydrous ammonia. Normal use: Cast iron casing and cover components: steel shaft and pinion gear; high tensile iron rotor; self-lubricating iron bearings; Buna-N lip seals.

Hardened Iron Building & Highway Contractors - Textile Mill Products - Misc. Converted Paper Products - Printing and Publishing - Chemical - Plastics and Synthetics - Drug-Pharmaceuticals - Paint & Allied Products (Mfg. of paints, varnishes, lacquers & enamels) Misc. Chemical, Glue & Ink - Soaps & Cleaners - Machine Manufacturing - Beverage. Acetone, turpentine, alcohols (most grades), paints, asphalt, jet fuels, asphalt emulsions, EDM oils, brines, kerosene, caustics (sodium hydroxide), methyl ethyl ketone, benzene, lates, methanol, gasoline, mineral spirits (naphthas), heptane, solvents, hexane, styrene, printer's ink, xylene, isopropyl acetate, ethylene acetate, paper coatings, toluene. Wear resistant: (1) All metal parts in contact with the liquid are hardened by a superior new nitriding process that makes metals tougher. Seals and bearings are the same as standard iron construction.

Corrosion Resistant Food processing - Chemical - Pharmaceutical - Textile - Plastic - Paint - Tanning - Soap - Rubber - Photographic - Synthetic fibre - Plating. Acide-concentrated sulfuric, nitric, diluted phosphoric, chromic aqueous, citric aqueous, acetic. Essential oils, syrups, chemicals, vegetagble oils, ammonium sulphate, corrosive wax, brines, sodium bicarbonate, sodium hydroxide, plating solutions. Note: Please see HP500 - FF Pump brochure for information on stainless steel design.

(1) Normally recommended for abrasive application or for liquid with little or no lubricity

(2) Liquids listed above do not include all of those that Haight pumps have been used for, rather, it is a selection of liquids taken from various applications where such pumps are normally used.

Application Solutions by Types of Systems

Application Category
Typical Applications
Application Specific Adaptations

Refrigeration Systems
  • High pressure compressor lubrication
  • Liquefied refrigerant circulation
  • Custom mounting
  • Contaminated lubricants
  • High inlet pressures
  • High pressure/thin fluid conditions
  • Custom seal configurations

Lubrication Systems
  • Shipboard systems
  • Power transmission systems
  • Conveyor systems
  • Generator systems
  • Compressors
  • CNC machinery
  • Forming machinery
  • Lubricant cooling systems
  • Corrosion resistant designs
  • Custom mounting
  • Special direct drive designs
  • Double pump designs

Filtration Systems
  • Electric transformers
  • Cooking oil
  • Fuels
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Librication products
  • Machine tool coolants
  • Process steam by-products
  • High inlet vacuum designs
  • Special seals
  • Hardened and corrosion resistant construction
  • High temperature designs
  • Special pump designs

  • Aircraft refueling systems
  • Portable refueling systems
  • Engine or remote mounted fuel systems
  • Direct drive
  • DC drive
  • Pneumatic drive
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Custom mounting
  • Special sealing designs

Injection Systems
  • Expandable foams
  • Resins
  • Adhesives
  • Hot tar
  • Thin film lubrication for metal forming
  • Agricultural chemicals
  • Animal feed supplements
  • Custom mounting designs
  • Hardened and corrosion resistant designs
  • High temperature conditions
  • Tractor and truck mounted PTO drives

  • Main engine and drive train lubrication
  • Loading and unloading fuel & lubrication products
  • Salt water wash-down systems
  • Winch lubrication
  • Fish processing waste
  • Bilge scavenging pumps
  • Aircraft/helicopter refueling systems
  • Custom mounting and drive designs
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Spark resistant construction

Power Transmissions
  • Gear box bearing and gear lubrication
  • Transmission lubrication
  • Drive shaft bearing lubrication
  • Lubricant cooling systems
  • Lubricant filtration
  • Custom mounting and drive designs

Thermal Processing
  • High temperature circulation
  • High temperature filtration
  • Special construction features for elevated temperation operations

API Type Application
  • Tank battery circulation
  • Sampling systems
  • LAC systems
  • Intermediate pressure pipeline transfer

Distinguishing Pump Characteristics

Haight "Gear-Within-A-Gear" Standard Pump Attributes

Haight pumps are self-priming and will develop up to 27" of vacuum. Note: depending upon actual application conditions, it is sound engineering practive to keep vacuum to a minimum.

Although suction conditions are a factor in determining pump speed, normally for liquids with viscosity's over 2000 SSU, reduced speeds and larger line sizes are recommended to avoid cavitation and diminished pump capacity.

Haight Pump Standard Options

Bearings: Grammix iron bearings are standard. . Following are optional:

DU - Used mainly for higher pressures (above 100 psi) or where little lubricatiion is available

Carbon Graphite - Standard bearings in corrosion resistant pumps. Used in standard construction for higher temperatures, solvents, or acid pumping when standard bearings aren't compatible.

Bronze - Cost effective self-lubricating material for pressures below 150 PSI.

Seals: Buna-N lip seal is standard.

Following are optional:

Viton Lip Seal - Suitable for temperatures to 400F and some solvents and acids.

Teflon Packaging - Used for higher temperatures and liquids which are not compatible with either Viton or Buna N.

Grafoil Packing - Suitable for use with heat transfer fluids to 585F

Mechanical Seals - John Crane type 21 with Buna-N, Viton, EPR, or neoprene elastomers. John Crane type 9 available with Teflon or Kalraz sealing elements for high temperature. Type 2 or Type 2B available for pressure exceeding 259 PSI.*

Mounting Configurations: bedplate, close-coupled, and hub mount are standard configurations. Special designs available upon request.

Outboard Ball Bearing - Used to provide extra stability for beltdrive or PTO assemblies.

Rotar Gears: Cast iron rotor is standard. Following is optional:

Delrin - Used with non-lubricating liquids, or with abrasive fluids as a sacrificial member.

Teflon - Alternative material for highly corrosive liquids which are not compatible with Delrin.

Ni-Resist #2 - Used in standard construction with mildly corrosive liquids.

* High temperature / high pressure applications - require substantially more documentation than normal applications (400F and / or 150 psi). Haight has a number of possible solutions available to meet your specific requirements, which can be easily added to our Universal pump design.

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