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Haight Mag Drive Pump
When you have to pump hazardous or toxic fluids, MagDrive by Haight offers a practical and efficicent solution for your sealess pumping needs. Simply substitute the MagDrive for one of Haight's standard close-coupled monting brackets and you are ready to tackle the most demanding fluids.

MagDrive is available for troque requirements to 60 ft-lb, pressures to 300 psi, and temperatures to 570F. Precision machined containment vessel components reduce eddy current effects thus improving torque transmission efficiency. Samarium Cobalt magnets improve transmission efficiency and magnet life to 20+ years.

Haight pumps are designed to operate effectively at standard motor speed (1800 rpm) with fluid viscosities up to 10,000SSU. The standard Haight Pump operating features work in harmony with the MagDrive for safe and efficient pumping of dangerous fluids. Haight offers MagDrive for 16 pump sizes ranging from 1 gpm to 80 gpm.

Mag Drive Option features
  • Drive Magnet Assembly - Rugged design and close tolerance fabrication ensure precise alignment around the containment vessel improving operating efficiency and reliability.
  • Direct Mounting - MagDrive mounts directly to standard c-face motors, eliminating shaft misalignment problems. This arrangement also establishes proper magnet location for optimal performance.
  • Containment Vessel - Laser welded and precision machined from stainless steel or Hastelloy. Designed to provide decades of secure and efficient service, even at higher temperatures and pressures. The precise fit minimizes eddy current effects that reduces efficiency.
  • Housing - Made of cast aluminum for durability and long service life.
  • Magnets - Samarium Cobolt magnets for maximum efficiency and long service. Up to 20 years versus 1 - 2 years for other magnet materials.
  • Pump Mounting Plate - Allows the MagDrive to mate precisely to the entire 1 through 80 gpm pump range.
  • Mounting plate / Casing Adapter Provides interchangeability between various size MagDrive units.
  • Captured O-ring Seals - Simple, reliable, and proven captured o-ring seals. Available in a broad array of Elastomers to meet your specific application requirements.

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