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Haight Series X - Skeleton Pumps
Series X - Skeleton Pumps:

These custom designed pumps are ideal for built-in lubrication applications on air compressors, gear boxes, engines, and other rotating equipment. Series X pumps feature compactness, positive displacement, through drive and no casing is required. The Series X Skeleton pump shown is an example of the Haight Pump Division's ability to meet a customer's job specifications and production requirements. Haight engineers will meet with you to determine your specific needs fora non-standard design. They will then translate your needs into a positive displacement pump to meet your requirements.

Haight Flange Mounted Pump
Flange Mounted Pumps:

Ideal for use on diesel engines, fuel oil boosters, gear reducers, or for lubricating oil pumps on engines and compressors. Flange mounted pumps are compact, lightweight and designed to mount directly on your equipment. The flange mounted pump shown was developed for us with a gear reducer. Haight engineers later applied this design principle to fit other customer requirements. When your project plans call for a custom-built positive displacement pump, Haight can analyze your needs and design a pump to meet them.

    Haight G Series Pump

    The G-Series pumps are na affordable, high performance design series which utilizes the dynamic crescent, Gerotor gear configuration. This internal gear configuration offers exceptional suction capability, and compact size at a competitive price. Currently available in two sizes, with limited options, these pumps are physically interchangeable with existing D and E series pumps.

    Haight E-Series Pump

    The E-Series pumps are an economical, high performance modification of our proven D-Series model. These pumps are particularly well suited for use in direct drive, hub mounted configurations where size, weight, and cost are crucial performance criteria in an application. The rugged simplicity of the E - Series is proven thousands of times every year in high temperature applications throughout the world. Available with limited option selection, contact JB Systems for additional information.

    Haight Dual Drive, Dual Flow Pump
    Dual Drive, Dual Flow Pumps:

    Designed to be an intergral part of the system it supports, this lubrication pump combines both the pre-lube, and primary lube pump in a single housing. Dual drive shafts, and dual gear sets function on a common inlet and discharge channel, reducing space requirements, simplifying the system piping arrangement, and eliminating alignment problems.

      Haight 3D Cad rendered drawing
      Encased, Flange Mounted, Reversible Pumps:

      These custom pumps provide an enclosed gear set coupled with flange mounted, direct drive design features. System designers save space, weight, and cost by incorporating the pump into their system. The durable and simple internal gear design has been proven to be a reliable system component for nearly 70 years.

      Haight Dual Pump
      Dual Pumps:

      Dual Pumps on a common shaft are available in 15 possible flow combinations, up to 8 gpm flow capacity, for each pump. Dual pump designs save valuable space and cost for system designers.

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