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Haight Barrier Seal Pump
Our revolutionary new Barrier Seal Design provides a simple, flexible, and effective method to both monitor and contain shaft seal leakage!

Simple - The Barrier Seal uses two independent sealing elements, contained in isolated chambers, one for the pumped fluid and one for the selected barrier fluid. The entire assembly simply screws onto any 10 through 80 gpm Haight U Series pump with no special tools or machining required. The use of two independent, commonly available seals significantly reduces initial cost and repair expense.

Flexible - The Barrier Seal will accept Type 21, Type 2, Type 9, and Type 2B (special order) seal configurations, in 9 different elastomers. The barrier fluid ring rotates freely to adapt to most flush configurations.

Effective - Two independent sealing elements dramatically reduce the risk of shat seal leakage which could create a contamination risk of shat seal leakage which could create a contamination risk or safety hazard. Ability to monitor seal performance allows pump users to detect impending seal failure, and perform preventive maintenance before catastrophic failure occurs. The use of commonly available seal designs means readily available repair components virturally anywhere in the world.

Barrier Seal Pumps feature

  • Inner housing simply screws onto the U Series housing, and seals with dependable captured, static o-ring seal. The Haight Barrier Seal design can be ordered from the factory, or retrofitted in the field with no special tools or machining required.
  • Barrier Fluid Ring rotates through 360 degrees to readily meeting various flushing arrangements.
  • Large nut End Cap design allows easy access for maintenance, and adjustment of the Barrier Fluid Ring.
  • Sealed, lubricated, radial bearing provides shaft stability and ensures proper alignment for the seals.
  • Hardened, precision ground, stress proof steel shaft provides years of dependable service even under the most demanding service.
  • Four (4) types of Barrier Fluid Seals and nine (9) elastomer selections allow for operating conditiions to 650F and 650psid.
  • Captured, static o-ring seals for the Barrier Fluid Ring provide easy adjustment of the ring and secure sealing.
  • Seal Cavity Venting, is a standard feature of Haight U Series pumps. Venting to the suction side of the pump enhances cooling and lubrication of the seal, extending seal life. Seal vents can be easily changed in the field with no special tools required.
  • Pumped Fluid Seal, same variety available, but the seal can be configured to specifically meet the requirements of the pumped fluid.

Haight Barrier Seal Pump Inside View

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