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Helium Leak Detector

Heliot Helium Leak Dector
Heliot Helium Leak Detectors go where you go throughout your manufacturing facility, process environment, or laboratory. Our leak detector is well suited for both production and research settings and in both conventional and sniffer testing modes because of it is light weight, flexibility, and speed. In seconds, the conventional test mode is operable. The Heliot vacuum test port is securely connected to the test object. The Heliot helium leak detector system then pumps the air from the object and maintaines the resulting vacuum during the rest of the testing procedure. The outside surface of the object is sprayed with helium gas or placed in a chamber filled with helium. The vacuum draws helium through any flaw in the object, then into the Heliot, where it is detected by the spectrometer. The sniffer test mode is also operable in seconds. The test object is filled with helium gas and sealed. A pencil-shaped test probe is system activated. As the probe is passed over the object, the vacuum in the probe draws any helium leaking from the test object into the Heliot, where it is detected by the spectrometer, instantly.

Automated, Sensitive, Flexible

In both conventional and sniffer testing modes, Heliot's one-button, fully automated operation provides extremely fast auto-zeroing, plus auto-calibration and automatic range selection and hold. Heliot quickly and automatically selects the proper test range. The range may also be manually selected by the operator. Readings are taken in less than two seconds, making Heliot ideal for throughput-sensitive production applications as well as for demanding research and development use. The Heliot features user-friendly controls that can be learned quickly. Heliot's highly sensitive magnetic field, 60 degree deflection-type mass spectrometer accurately measures and extremely wide range of helium leakage rates- from less than 1 x 10 (to the -11 power) to 1 x 10 (to the -3 power) std cc per second. In addition, Heliot can take readings at inlet pressures up to 7.5 torr, enabling reliable testing of objects that cannot be pumped down to low pressure.

Controls Where You Need Them

Heliot features a removable hand-held control unit that is light weight, durable and ergonomically designed for efficient operation under the most challenging conditions. An umbilical enables the operator to carry the control unit where it is needed. In addtion, Heliot can also be easily integrated into robotic systems. The control unit includes membrane-sealed push-buttons, a series of bright LED indicators, and a backlit LCD panelthat are easy to use, even under poor ambient lighting conditions. Leak rate, pumping pressure, and pass/fail set points are displayed digitally on the LCD screen and also as analog data via the LED's enabling immediate verification of changes in leak rate. In addition, all operation procedures and error messages are automatically displayed on the LCD panel.

  • Environmentally Benign
  • Penetrates the Smallest Leaks
  • Convenient and Fast
  • Dependable Results