INOVAC- the dry running vacuum system for all process industries.

Inovac oil free vacuum

Increasing environmental awareness and stricter legislation have made dry running vacuum pumps more than just an alternative to conventional vacuum systems.

Rietschle foresaw this trend and developed the INOVAC. This multi-stage dry running Roots offers a clean and totally reliable technology. The INOVAC range of oil free vacuum pumps is available with capacities ranging from 103 to 242 cfm and an ultimate vacuum of 0.375 mm Hg (abs). Capacity can easily be increased by incorporating an additional Roots vacuum pump. Also, include the Ulvac Heliot Helium Vacuum Leak Detector in your order.

process vacuum systems

internal view of oil free vacuum pump
The advantages of this innovative vacuum system
  • No Operating fluid
  • Oil free operation
  • Offers considerable cost savings and ecological benefits especially when used for solvent recovery.
  • High water vapor tolerance
  • Non-contact compression system
  • Easy servicing
  • The well tried Roots principle has been enhanced by specially designed valves to increase efficiency.
  • Constant capacity curve throughout the entire vacuum range
Main Applications:
  • drying
  • de-gassing
  • distillation
  • desorption

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